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When is the right time for the Broncos to ‘let it Ryp?’

Russell Wilson is pretty banged up right now. Should the Broncos let him rest and turn to Brett Rypien?

Heading into the game against the Chargers, Russell Wilson was already pretty banged up. After the conclusion of the game, he ended up even more injured. This time with a hamstring injury.

Wilson knew exactly when the injury happened as well.

“I kind of scrambled to move around on one, I had to throw it away, it kind of got me pretty good in the fourth quarter,” Wilson said. “Just tried to play through it … just trying to find a way to win the game.”

Up until halftime, Russ was kind of cooking. The Broncos came out after halftime and well, essentially threw water onto a grease fire. Wilson’s play significantly declined, and the Broncos ended up losing the game in an all-too-familiar disappointing fashion.

Was Wilson's injury to blame for his regression? Most likely. But now a bigger question arises: What happens if his injury is more severe than we thought, and him ‘trying to play though it’ ends up hindering the offense even further?

The Broncos are set to face the New York Jets this upcoming Sunday, and the Jets are running pretty hot right now. They’re fresh off a win against the Green Bay Packers, and they’re riding high.

The Broncos are in a pretty miserable spot right now, so what do they have to lose in starting Rypien? Especially if Wilson is pretty hurt. This is no call for Wilson to be perma-benched, it just seems like an avenue the Broncos should consider pursuing for at least one game.

Should the Broncos ‘let it Ryp’ and start Rypien against the Jets? Or trot a battered and bruised Wilson out there?


Should the Broncos rest Wilson and let Rypien get the start against the Jets?

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  • 69%
    Yes, start Rypien.
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  • 9%
    No, start Wilson.
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  • 20%
    I honestly don’t care...
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