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Broncos’ LB Alex Singleton nearly broke an NFL record vs Chargers

Denver Broncos inside linebacker Alex Singleton had himself quite a game against the Los Angeles Chargers. He almost set an NFL record!

Things didn’t turn out the way we wanted for the Denver Broncos last week as they fell 19-16 in overtime to the Los Angeles Chargers. While the focus is on the inept and increasingly frustrating offense, Denver’s defense is quietly performing at an insane level despite the injury bug rearing its ugly head all season long.

On such guy who came in to start for the Broncos after an injury to Josey Jewell provided an opportunity is Alex Singleton. Against the Chargers, he was literally everywhere on the field. He piled up 21 combined tackles (4th most in NFL history) and 19 solo tackles (2nd most in NFL history). Both nearly put him atop the NFL record books.

The NFL record for combined tackles in a game is held by two players, Luke Keuchly (2013) and David Harris (2007). Kiko Alonso also had 22 in a game in 2013. From there, six players each reached that 21 combined tackle mark along with Singleton. Combined tackles became an official NFL stat in 1987.

More impressively is that Singleton was awarded with 19 solo tackles in this game. Solo tackles became an official NFL stat in 1994, but since then only one player has had more solo tackles in a game: David Harris (2007). Singleton’s 19 is tied for second with Derrick Brooks who logged 19 in a game in 2000.

Not a bad day at the office for a guy who wasn’t even supposed to get many snaps on defense until Jewell went down with injury. It’s good to know Denver has some good depth at that inside linebacker position right now. They’ll need it if the Broncos’ offense continues to have half as many snaps as the opposing offense has...