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Broncos Twitter goes ballistic over fumble, loss to the Raiders

The pitchforks are out.

Denver Broncos v Las Vegas Raiders Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

That was ...

a debacle.

Losing to the Raiders sucks.

Losing to a winless Raiders team with Josh McDaniels as the head coach is like a thousand cuts to your eye...

Really freakin’ painful.

And yet, the Broncos seem to enjoy self-inflicting pain because most of these losses feel like they were due to big mistakes rather than better opponents.

After a chance to stay tied for first place in the AFC West, improve to one of the best current records in the NFL, and most importantly, build off an emotional comeback win last week, the Broncos chose instead to regress to the mean - stagnant offense and an overwhelmed defense.

As you can imagine, Broncos Twitter was apocalyptic.

Nobody in Broncos Country likes losing to the Raiders.

And so the blaming began...mostly with roasting Melvin Gordon for coughing up the ball when it was tied 10-10 and the offense needed to change the momentum.

Unfortunately the “scoop and score” that followed the fumble gave Raiders a quick TD and all the momentum.

The Broncos defense was also a prime target after it once again let running back Josh Jacobs run over, through, around, past it.

Probably even on top of and certainly over and over and over again.

Jacobs ran unabated for 144 yards on 28 carries and two touchdowns as the Broncos’ defense just ran out of gas.

But Broncos Twitter didn’t have much love for the offense either - even aside from the fumble.

Although Russell Wilson’s day was decent statistically - going 17 of 25 for 237 yards and two touchdowns - he couldn’t get the offense out of trouble enough times.

“Every color of the feel-bad rainbow for the Broncos offense” ... lol, Mase.

Leave it to Brandon Perna to at least find the silver lining.