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Adding injury to insult: “Not a lot of optimism” surrounding RB Javonte Williams’ knee injury

The Broncos may be without their primary ball carrier for an extended period of time following the loss to the Raiders.

NFL: Denver Broncos at Las Vegas Raiders dsStephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

The Denver Broncos lost more than an embarrassing, self-inflicted defeat to a weasel for a coach on Sunday. Nay, the team very well may have lost one of its primary focal points on offense in second year running back Javonte Williams.

Williams had usurped Melvin Gordon as the primary back entering the season and had turned into a favorite safety valve for Russell Wilson on pass possessions.

Therefore, one of the lone bright spots on the Broncos’ offense thus far is now almost certainly out for a serious amount of time. And the guy who spells him, Melvin Gordon, coughed up six points by himself by being completely on brand and fumbling his way to a touchdown for the opponent. And that is on him, any way anyone wants to slice it.

So here we are, at the end of week 4, and the Broncos sit 2-2, losing to two poorly coached teams who don’t have a future Hall-of-Fame QB leading them. A little under 14 of the way through the season, it’s pretty apparent that something isn’t right within the walls of the Denver Broncos.

On paper, this is a team that could have withstood an injury to the backfield, not that anyone would have wanted it. Now, a significant injury to Javonte Williams appears to be a potential season killer for the Broncos. And that should scare the hell out of Nathaniel Hackett.

It’s not often that a team with an elite QB reaches for the white flag when a running back goes down, especially in today’s game, but Russell Wilson has to be feeling the heat by now.

He was a superstar, Super Bowl QB where he was, and now, he must feel like Adam Banks when he was forced to join the Mighty Ducks.

Williams was expected to be a central piece to the offensive renaissance that was supposed to occur under new offensive-minded coach Nathaniel Hackett, but it looks like he may not have that opportunity this season, and also, those in charge may want to begin evaluating how much loss from Hackett they are willing to tolerate.

The Broncos are now down their top safety, reliable WR, top RB, and potentially the top pass rusher. Given the issues the Broncos have had, injuries don’t make Hackett’s job any easier.

At this point, it bears mentioning whether it should be discussed how hot his seat is whether than if he’s on one or not.

The Broncos are set to face the Indianapolis Colts, another team in dire need of a rebuild, this Thursday. Hackett desperately needs to show something there, and if not, it will become more of a question of when, and not if, George Paton starts to look in another direction for head coach.