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Broncos currently have the second-ranked defense according to DVOA

The Denver Broncos defense is dominating. If only they had some offense or special teams around to give this defense a chance to close out a game.

NFL: Denver Broncos at Los Angeles Chargers Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Looking over the Week 6 DVOA numbers from Football Outsiders, I see the Denver Broncos are still hanging in there with the 13th best total DVOA on the season. They are four spots ahead of the surging 4-2 New York Jets.

The just goes to show how important complementary football is. The Jets have a great special teams DVOA with the 3rd best mark, but their offense (23rd) and defense (12th) are somewhere in the middle overall. The Broncos, on the other hand, are completely lopsided in this regard. Their defense ranks only behind the Buffalo Bills in second overall, but their offense (27th) and special teams (28th) are atrocious. The result is a 2-4 record and a pissed off fan base.

The Jets are actual proof that if Denver could somehow just get to a middling ranking on offense and special teams, they would be winning games right now instead of losing them late.

In Week 7, the Broncos will be without Russell Wilson as he deals with a hamstring issue. That means Brett Rypien will get the nod. His only start of his career was a win over the Jets in 2020, so maybe he can make it 2-0 against them. The Broncos are certainly similar to the Jets right now if they could just get a little more offense out of each game. A win this weekend would help give us all some hope that they can get to .500 before the Bye Week.