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Broncos vs. Jets score predictions for Week 7

The Denver Broncos will need Brett Rypien to have a game to beat the New York Jets in Week 7. Here’s our score predictions for the game.

This hits just keep on coming. I feel like that I say that every week and I probably do. This week, the Denver Broncos will be without quarterback Russell Wilson and many fans think that is just what this team needs with Brett Rypien in for Week 7 against the New York Jets.

Even so, our Mile High Report staff still isn’t all that optimistic about Denver’s chances here with a collective score prediction of 20-17 with the Jets coming out on top. Individually, however, there are a couple of us who think the Broncos might just sneak up on the Jets even with their backup quarterback in there.

Broncos 24, Jets 16

I had this game marked as a win even before Russell Wilson was ruled out on Saturday with a hamstring injury. In a lot of ways, I think the play calling from Head Coach Nathaniel Hackett actually favors Brett Rypien’s strengths a lot more than Wilson’s anyway. Hackett loves the short, quick passing game and that has just never been Wilson’s calling card. The Jets will come in on Sunday assuming the win and will get punched in the mouth by a team that isn’t as bad as it seems. - Tim Lynch

Jets 21, Broncos 10

I don’t care what QB plays, and that’s pretty sad. This offense just seems completely broken. The Broncos defense will get to Wilson, but the Jets are riding some serious confidence after destroying the Packers. The Broncos are worse than Russell Wilson’s Subway commercial. Maybe this is the game things turn around. But I’m not counting on it. - Nick Burch

Broncos 23, Jets 16

New York is best on special teams, the highest variance part of football. The Broncos manage to avoid catastrophic special teams plays, and the difference between a great defense and a good defense helps Denver actually score on some short fields. - John Holmes

Jets 31, Broncos 17

Broncos 31, Jets 17. Flip those scores, and that is the real prediction. My inner child needs the Broncos to wake up out of the nightmare of complete ineptness we’ve been living with for 6 years. Therefore, this is just me snorting hopium and trying to care for that enthusiastic fan deep inside of me that enjoys watching the Broncos win and look good. Since our team hasn’t been interested in any serious level of gaining offensive competency, I’m left with dreams and wishes. Broncos Country, Let’s cry! - Sadaraine

Jets 20, Broncos 15

What’s really a shame about the ineptness of Hackett and the offensive Broncos offense is how good the defense is. The Denver D is a Super Bowl-caliber defense. The problem is Hackett and his offense wouldn’t cut it in Pop Warner. Now the Broncos offense faces a defense that just beat up Rodgers and the Packers in Green Bay. When the schedule came out, if someone told you these two teams would be 4-2 and 2-4, respectively, we all know the teams we would have put with each record. Broncos Country, let’s hide! - Ian St. Clair

Jets 20, Broncos 16

Looks like Broncos Country is in store for another 1 TD game given how inept they are and how dominant NY has been this year. Rob Saleh’s defense is finally coming together, and that’s bad news all around for the home team. The defense does their job though, but the lack of offense will have them playing another 93 snaps this week. - Ross Allen

Broncos 23, Jets 20

These aren’t the same old Jets we’re used to, but that doesn’t mean they’re a great football team either. They pulled out a one point miracle win against the Browns, beat the Steelers in Kenny Pickett's first game action, took down the Dolphins against a third string rookie QB making his debut, accounting for three of four wins. They’re a decent team, but if the Broncos can slow down Breece Hall and force Zack Wilson into turnovers, I like their chances. - Chad Workman

Jets 17, Broncos 13

We all saw what the Jets did to the Packers. They went into Green Bay and made Aaron Rodgers look bad. That’s impressive. Now they get to play against a Broncos team that has been unable to find offensive success. Yes, the defense is rock solid. All the offense has to do is score 20 points, and victory is well in hand. What in the past few weeks indicates the Broncos offense can do that? Nothing, really. - Adam Malnati

Jets 21, Broncos 10

Never bet on stupid and this team plays stupid football. J-E-T-S Meh Meh Meh. - Mike DeCicco

What is your score prediction for the Broncos-Jets game? Let us know in the comments section below.