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Four thoughts from the Broncos' 16-9 loss to the New York Jets

We suck.

New York Jets v Denver Broncos Photo by Michael Owens/Getty Images

The Denver Broncos fell to 2-5 today when they were defeated by the New York Jets by the score of 16-9. They now have lost four straight games and appear to be on the brink of waving the white flag on this hugely disappointing season.

There is a lot to be frustrated about with this team. We were sold. Things were supposed to be much, much different but they somehow got even worse. It sucks, but I am going to give you my four thoughts I have after yet another Broncos loss.

1. Hackett needs to go at the end of the season

This could have been called an “overreaction” a month or so ago, but now, I think we have seen enough of Nathaniel Hackett to come to this conclusion. He just doesn’t have it and keeping him around past this season would be a major mistake.

I could list all the reasons why he should go and that would be quite a lengthy list. However, can you think of a good reason why he should stick around for another season? I certainly cannot. Every positive he was supposed to bring has been embarassingly bad.

The play on the football field has been bad, his methods have not worked, injuries are piling up each week, and players are starting to seem fed up with it. His questionable handling of Melvin Gordon’s benching and then calling him the starter a week later was a head scratcher.

The biggest x-factor here is the Broncos ownership. They cannot be thrilled to see their new investment being mocked this badly and looking embarassing on national television. You’re dealing with accomplished businessman and just other powerful/rich people who do not appreciate looking bad. If the Broncos continue to lose, which appears likely, they may decide to clean house.

2. Broncos should sell

We need to face reality. The Broncos are not making the postseason and need to start looking forward into the future. One way they can do that in the short-term is selling off a few of their valuable assets before the November 1st trade deadline.

According to reports, teams are already calling.

Broncos GM George Paton needs to wheel and deal and add to his war chest for this upcoming offseason. His biggest and best asset likely will be edge rusher Bradley Chubb. He’s in the final year of his deal but is having a solid season for the Broncos. Could he help the Broncos net a first round pick back in return?

Former first-round pick is a young, talented, and explosive player who some contending team could view as a big piece they need for a Super Bowl run. At the very least, he could net a second round pick.

The rest of the players likely will get you some day three selections but if you can get some value, you should make the deal.

When you do not have a first or second round pick in the upcoming draft and you’re a hugely disappointing team, you have to make these sort of moves. Ideally, we would be viewing the Broncos as buyers in this situation, but that’s not the reality.

3. Broncos are wasting an elite defense

Imagine, if the Broncos offense lived up to expectations, or at least close to those expectations and was paired with this defense? This team would likely be undefeated considering how many games they have been in at the end despite an anemic offense.

Unfortunately, the Broncos wasting these impressive efforts once again.

Thankfully, we have found some future bright spots in Browning, Surtain II, Sterns, Mathis, Henningsen, and Bonitto. However, wasting these years of these guys on their rookie contracts sucks.

I really do not have much else to add here. It just sucks thinking what could have been with this team if they met their expectations on offense and were able to pair it with these defense.

4. Greg Dulcich looks like a potential star

Rookie tight end Greg Dulcich played in his second straight game as the Broncos starter and is showing some legit upside.

He played in his first career game last week on Monday Night football and ended up scoring on a long touchdown. That’s a pretty good start to ones career and he followed up that performance with another solid game for the Broncos.

While he did not find the end zone, he was targeted 9 times in this game and hauled in 6 balls for 51 yards. If you factor in this is his second NFL game and that he missed most of the offseason, training camp, and preseason, it’s rather impressive.

Dulcich looks like a key piece for the future for the Broncos offense. I am excited to see him grow throughout the remainder of the 2022 Broncos season as well.