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Could we see Hackett out during the bye week if the Broncos lose in London?

Rumors of the Broncos ownership being upset could have Hackett out sooner rather than later.

New York Jets v Denver Broncos Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

I have said during the game, “Fire Hackett now!” but deep down inside knowing it really cannot happen until the end of the season. The Denver Broncos lack a clear replacement and firing Hackett would just put more pressure on an already inexperienced coaching staff.

However, the new Broncos ownership may have seen enough already and could possibly make a change as early as the upcoming bye week.

KOA’s Benjamin Allbright, who is inside the team building and is well connected dropped this interesting nugget this morning when replying back to a fan on Twitter. He has been adamant about how an in-season firing of Hackett doesn't make much sense(agreed) and they would most likely just wait until the season is over to make that change.

However, Allbright is stating that ownership is embarrassed about how the team is looking and that “anything is possible” if things do not change fast for the Broncos. Now, while Allbright does not specifically state the bye week as the time we could see a change, it does make sense. If the Broncos lose in London, in front of an international stage, and look embarrassing like they did on primetime in front of all of America, we could see a change.

Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio also joined in on this subject when he wrote about it earlier this morning.

In his piece, Florio says the Broncos should explore firing Hackett and giving the job to defensive coordinator Ejiro Evero who is blossoming into a fantastic defensive coordinator. He says that Evero likely will get some Head Coaching looks this offseason or in the near future, so maybe the Broncos should get a head start on all that and make him the interim head coach for the remainder of the season.

For ownership that didn’t hire Hackett, they need to ask themselves whether it makes sense to make an in-season shift to defensive coordinator Ejiro Evero. With Evero possibly in line to get head-coaching consideration elsewhere for 2023, why not give him an eight-game on-the-job audition? If they’re already thinking about parting ways with Hackett after the season, why not do it as the bye week arrives and nine games remain to be played?

I am not sure if this is the way I would go since Evero, while who appears to be a great defensive coordinator, is rather inexperienced as well. He’s a first-time coordinator, so just suddenly moving him up to Head Coach could be a bit overwhelming and not really accomplish much. Personally, I would continue to let him coach the defense and try to keep him in-house, and pair him with whoever they decide to hire as the new Head Coach.

In the end, Hackett is in trouble if ownership is already embarrassed and upset with him. These are powerful people who did not hire him and people who do not like looking week and embarrassing on a national and international stage. If the Broncos lose in London, that could be it for Hackett.

He should probably be fired regardless.


If the Broncos lose in London, should they fire Head Coach Nathaniel Hackett?

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