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NFL Power Rankings: Week 8

Two preseason power houses take a dive as they’re outshined by XFL legends

PJ Walker takes down Tom Brady, Bucs (Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images)

NFL fans around the world (besides in Tampa) can start to rejoice as it finally seems like the light at the end of the tunnel is near; Brady’s reign of terror might actually be over soon. When it comes to the game at FedEx Field, I can’t determine which part was my favorite: a chorus of chants of “sell the team” or the quarterback battle that saw a future Hall of Famer get the better of Aaron Rodgers.

Eight spots in the Top 10 saw movement, with only the Bills and Vikings staying where they are. As long as Buffalo stays close to the level they’re at, it seems like it will be an all-year battle between the Eagles and the Chiefs for 2nd place. I’m mostly waiting on the week where both the Giants and Jets are in the Top 10 together. The Cardinals, Raiders, and Dolphins all deserve to move up given their performances this week, but they’re just unlucky that some higher ranked teams dropped down in front of them.

As for the Broncos, I really thought they would take a larger drop, and most people would be rightfully inclined to rank them lower than 25th, but maybe I’m still just being too optimistic. They probably should be ranked below the Jags, given that they’re 4.5 point underdogs for this Sunday’s game in London, but I can’t bring myself to think that Denver is only better than the Lions and Texans.

Mover of the Week: Carolina Panthers (up four spots). The PJ Walker hype train is moving at full speed after he put on a show against one of the top ranked scoring defenses in the league. The former QB of the uncrowned champions of the XFL may have set Baker Mayfield packing, just like he did Cam Newton (sort of)

Week 8 Power Rankings

Rank Team Previous (Week 7)
Rank Team Previous (Week 7)
1 Bills - Bills
2 Chiefs +1 Eagles
3 Eagles -1 Chiefs
4 Ravens +1 Chargers
5 Cowboys +2 Ravens
6 Giants +2 49ers
7 49ers -1 Cowboys
8 Chargers -4 Giants
9 Vikings - Vikings
10 Titans +2 Packers
11 Bengals +3 Bucs
12 Jets +3 Titans
13 Patriots +3 Rams
14 Rams -1 Bengals
15 Packers -5 Jets
16 Bucs -5 Patriots
17 Cardinals - Cardinals
18 Raiders - Raiders
19 Dolphins - Dolphins
20 Seahawks +3 Saints
21 Saints -1 Colts
22 Colts -1 Browns
23 Browns -1 Seahawks
24 Steelers +1 Broncos
25 Broncos -1 Steelers
26 Falcons - Falcons
27 Commanders +3 Jags
28 Panthers +4 Lions
29 Bears +2 Texans
30 Jags -3 Commanders
31 Lions -3 Bears
32 Texans -3 Panthers