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Report: Teams calling the Broncos about WR K.J. Hamler view him as a legit vertical threat

Teams are calling about wide receiver K.J. Hamler

New York Jets v Denver Broncos Photo by Michael Owens/Getty Images

With the Denver Broncos looking like an ultimate dumpster fire and the trade deadline right around the corner, rumors and reports continue to swirl about some of their key trade targets.

According to NFL insider Jordan Schultz who appeared on the Pat McAfee show earlier today told them that Broncos wide receiver K.J. Hamler is being discussed more by teams than Jerry Jeudy.

Schultz says that Hamler’s asking price is lower than Jeudy’s and that teams view him as a “legit vertical threat” and are looking to add him to their offense. He states that the Broncos are obviously listening to these offers but have yet to take any action (obviously) with these calls.

I would imagine multiple contenders could view Hamler as a potential key piece to add to their offense for their postseason run. He would add an element they are currently missing or just give their quarterback another weapon to throw to. He has legit speed, and when healthy, has shown he can take the top off a defense. His injury history and lack of production likely hurt his return a little bit, but he would be a low-risk roll of the dice for a contender.

As for the return, I cannot see the Broncos getting anything more than a 4th round pick in return. He really has not produced, is coming off a major injury, but is on a rookie contract and likely is receiving multiple bids. So, a 4th rounder seems about right. Potentially could get some conditional terms added in that may elevate the return as well.

It does suck seeing the Broncos potentially being sellers, but if they can get some value back and rebuild for next year, I am all for it. We shall see if Bradley Chubb, Albert Okwuegbunam, and Jerry Jeudy also get traded prior to the November 1st deadline.