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Is this rock bottom for Nathaniel Hackett and the Denver offense?

The MHR crew determines if these statements are overreactions or not after Denver’s loss to the Jets

The Denver Broncos season is all but in the dumpster and there’s a long way to go before it can get better. They have a coach that can’t call plays but doesn’t want to give up play calling, an offense that has as many points as a sphere, and talented players that Denver might be forced to give up.

After the loss to the Jets, I gave the MHR crew a few statements where I told them to determine if it is an overreaction, or if there is truth to it. Here are their responses. Feel free to sound off with your thoughts in the comments.

Nathaniel Hackett is the worst coach in franchise history

Tanner Watts: Completely true Hackett doesn’t make any halftime adjustments his play calling is leaps and bounds the worst I have seen in my lifetime. He struggles at every aspect of the game of football; he is not cut out to be a coach at any level of the sport. Not an overreaction.

John Holmes: McDaniels was terrible because he couldn’t GM and he couldn’t manage his personality. Joseph was bad because he couldn’t manage a game. He at least has talent as a defensive schemer.

Hackett doesn’t understand the rules, his game management is horrible, his scheme is terrible. The only things that redeem him is he doesn’t have control over personnel, and he’s not driven any personnel away yet. So not an overreaction.

This is rock bottom for the Denver offense

Nick Burch: This is not an overreaction. We are watching a 9 time Pro Bowl QB look like an overmatched JV QB for an offense who can’t score in a discount Vegas brothel.

Rachel Strand: Yes. I haven’t seen the offense this bad in years. There is just no hope, and the coaches are too stubborn to make changes. The fans and the Broncos defense deserves better.

Jerry Jeudy is the biggest piece of trade bait

Tanner Watts: Not the biggest. I think Bradley Chubb would be the biggest but Jeudy is up there.

Jeff Essary: Not an overreaction, but I don’t think the team should be offering him up. Chubb and Hamler? Sure. But I would like to see Jeudy get some more chemistry with Russ and stay on this team, especially since he’s got time on his deal and is cheap.

Rachel Strand: Maybe. If the Broncos are really keen on moving him, I hope the Broncos don’t move him for cheap. Paton better do some finessing. If no finessing is possible, I’d prefer to keep him on the team.