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Ideas on possible Broncos trades as the NFL trade deadline approaches

The Broncos are awful, so George Paton should probably look to cash in on some of the players in order to get draft picks for next year’s draft

NFL: Denver Broncos Training Camp Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

I’m honestly curious to see what this ownership, front office, and the coaching staff do over the next few weeks.

Is the plan to give Hackett the whole season?

Will we see some significant change over the bye-week?

Are the owners okay with how this ship is sailing (because if they are, they need a wake-up call)?

So now we approach the trade deadline and the only hope I see for our team’s future is George Paton working some magic with trades.

The rumor mill says Bradley Chubb, Jerry Jeudy, and K.J. Hamler are all up for grabs and while I love each and every one of those players, I get it. I completely get it.

Bradley Chubb is a player playing for his next contract. That contract is going to cost a lot of money. Given that we’ve seen the emergence of Baron Browning, Chubb is a player that this team needs to keep. So the options are to let him go in the offseason for a possible compensatory pick, or try and get a trade done. I think it makes a ton of sense to try and get a 2nd and 3rd or a 1st round pick for him. He’s looking that good and has the draft pedigree to be able to be a big help to a team that needs pass rushers for a possible playoff push (the easy match would be the Philadelphia Eagles).

Jerry Jeudy is I guy that I think is also a sensible trade piece. He needs a different kind of QB that we’re starting the next 5 years. He also hasn’t lived up to his hype, though you can see in his performances this year that the potential is definitely there (he isn’t likely to be a bust). If we can get a 2nd for Jeudy, you do that trade. We have Courtland Sutton and Tim Patrick already signed and it just doesn’t make sense to try and keep Jeudy on for a 5th-year option when we could trade him now for draft capital.

The one guy I don’t like the idea of trading is K.J. Hamler. He’s a wide receiver that has absolutely filthy football speed. If we found a way to get a decent play caller, then he’d help elevate this offense especially when you have a QB like Russell Wilson who excels at the deep ball.

The one guy whose name hasn’t been mentioned as much (but should be) is Albert Okwuegbunam. I do not for a second think that he’s some kind of a bust. I think our inept head coach just isn’t capable of using him. He’s at least a decent option as a pass-catching tight end. If we honestly traded him for anything, it would be worth it. The future at tight end for this team is Greg Dulcich.

Hit up the comments and let me know what you think about possible trades for our team. Do you see any other players that seem like an obvious trade piece for this team to use in order to restock draft picks?

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