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Report: Multiple teams calling the Broncos about OLB Bradley Chubb

Sounds like the Broncos could get significant compensation for Bradley Chubb.

New York Jets v Denver Broncos Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

According to NFL insider Jordan Schultz, multiple teams are calling the Denver Broncos about the availability of edge rusher Bradley Chubb. The trade deadline is November 1st and he is one of the big names that the Broncos are discussing.

Schultz states a few key factors in any potential deal. The Broncos would receive “significant compensation” in return and Chubb would agree to a long-term extension with the team he is being traded to.

The interesting nugget here is the “significant compensation” in return for Chubb. To me, that tells me that Denver Broncos General Manager George Paton wants at least a first-round pick in return for Chubb. Keep in mind, the Carolina Panthers recently turned down a massive offer that included two first-round picks for edge rusher Brian Burns, so the asking price for Chubb should include at least a first-rounder. If the Broncos are able to get that sort of compensation, or something close to it, that would be significant.

As we know, the Broncos do not have a first or second-round selection after they traded them away to the Seattle Seahawks in return for quarterback Russell Wilson. If they can add at least a first-rounder back to their war chest this offseason, I would call that a major win for the Broncos and GM George Paton.

The Broncos are discussing deals with multiple teams as we head toward the trade deadline. They are a 2-5 team who is on the brink of a lost season(if they are not there already), so we could see a busy trade deadline for the Broncos. If we can get a massive haul for Bradley Chubb, I would call that a major win for the Broncos.