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The Broncos have scored just 5 points in the 3rd quarter all season

That is 5 points in 7 weeks of football, and that’s not the worst part

The Denver Broncos offense is feckless, inept, disastrous, and simply non-existent. How disastrous is it? Let’s look at just the 3rd quarter.

As I told Ian St. Clair on Broncos Odds and Endzones, the Broncos have only scored 3 offensive points in the 3rd quarter this season. That’s right. Not a typo. 3. As a team they have 5 thanks to Jimmy Garoppolo’s running out of the back of the end zone when they played the 49ers.

Let me make you feel even more disgusted with the Broncos. In the first 7 games of the season the Broncos have received the second half kickoff 7 times. EVERY GAME!

Honestly, when I gave Ian that stat on the show I had no idea Denver had started on offense at the start of the second half in every game this year. I was hoping it wouldn’t be that bad, but it turns out, it was much worse. Just look at this list;

Week 1 - Received kickoff, fumble lost by Melvin Gordon at the Seattle 1 on 4th and goal
Week 2 - Received kickoff, INT on 3rd play
Week 3 - Received kickoff, Punt, scored with 38 seconds left on Jimmy Garoppolo safety
Week 4 - Received kickoff, Punt after 5 plays
Week 5 - Received kickoff, Punt after 4 plays, Missed 59 yard FG on second drive of quarter, Made 45 yard FG with 19 seconds left after they don’t move the ball at all after an INT.
Week 6 - Received kickoff, 3 and out
Week 7 - Received kickoff, Punt after 6 plays

Now that you are back from puking your guts out over the ugliness that is this list, what does this truly mean? I am sure this can be interpreted in several ways, but I can really only see one thing that this points to; bad coaching.

I wrote an article a couple weeks ago about stupidity killing the Broncos. In-game decisions that are real head scratchers have plagued this team, but this is a much bigger indictment of Nathaniel Hackett.

The first drive of the second half is the most important of the game. It is also the drive where coaches have a massive amount of information to work from, and make adjustments. If you are supposed to be an offensive coach, and you can’t figure out how to get the ball in the end zone in the 3rd quarter that says more than I ever could about your ability to coach in the NFL.

If this stat doesn’t change on Sunday in London, it might be best for Hackett to go full Ted Lasso and stay in England to coach soccer. Scoring isn’t as big of a requirement over there.