Week 4 revAHHHHHHHF***knuts!!!! Buckle up Buttercup!!!

If you don’t like a blistering amount of vitriol then you should stop reading now, otherwise buckle up buttercup ‘cause this is going to get ugly.

This was arguably the best game Denver played all year…until it wasn’t….and we all know when the wheels fell off the bus. The Raiders are a very good team and it’s no surprise that this was a hard fought battle for the first half. Denver’s D can/is/could’ve been special and that was evident all game. Even when the Raiders are an awful team they give Denver fits and this version of them is not terrible insomuch as they’ve been out of sync.

The Denver Offense and Hackett’s coaching was OK, not great, but better then the first three games. Until it wasn’t, and we all know when that happened.

What’s concerning about the Denver Offense is that McDaniels took a page directly out of the Patriots version of defending an opponent: Take away what the opposing team does best and make them beat you another way. So, the Raiders keyed in on the run game daring Wilson et al to beat them through the air. THAT is why the offense looked better, because the opposing Defense was more afraid of Williams than Wilson. That’s also why Williams was averaging 2.8 YPC in the first half. THAT speaks to Hackett’s coaching…allowing them to shut it down in the first place.

That was bound to happen and for the most part Denver responded well. Until they didn’t. And we all know when that happened. Which was when Williams was lost for the season to an ACL tear and the Broncos had to go, not with their FA signee RB 1B but 3rd stringer Mike Boone.

Tune out now if you’re not in the mood for some tough love.

Anyone see what Pierce did for Houston Sunday? How about Breece Hall this year? Paton could have drafted either. Instead he decided to go with Gordon, the guy who got benched with the game on the line.

Here’s my first ever fanpost, look at the date, reread or read it, it’s oddly prophetic. Beyond that post anyone who’s read my posts or comments knows this is exactly what I’ve been saying would cost us the season. For months.

The one chance Denver had to jell and contend this year just got lost for the season and not only is there no real option to replace him but it’s grotesque that a Fan ( me) predicted this nonsense and a guy making millions per year ( Paton) was too blinded by his arrogance to see the same thing. Instead he went with Bonito, who although is a nice pick, won’t be saving our season and went with Gordon who also won’t save our season.

In regards to Gordon, he is who he is. Maybe he’s more prone to fumbling as he’s gotten older but my guess is that he banged up his hand, hurt a muscle in his arm or something and is having trouble handling the ball. IF that’s the case then he likely downplayed the injury to the coaching staff thinking he could overcome it. It’s unlikely any coach would hide that knowing how detrimental a fumble is.

So we have two options here with Gordon: 1) he’s increasingly prone to fumbles or 2) he’s injured and lied to his teammates and put them in a bad position by fumbling. Pick a lane here because neither of those is a good look Sunday or going forward. Take into account that he has a great chance of getting injured

and it’s pretty bleak. Anyone think Mike Boone is taking us deep into the playoffs? No, I didn’t think so.

Once Williams went down the entire Denver Offense stalled. It stalled because the Raiders D adjusted and, no longer afraid of the run or play action, played more against the pass. Which, if anyone has read my posts, is the exact thing I’ve been saying for months would happen.

So going into week 5 what we have is a QB no one is afraid of and hasn’t proven anyone should be. A RB ( Gordon) that not only are teams not afraid of but are actively hoping he gets the ball because now he’s a "fumble machine". One more fumble and either the coaching staff or Gordon himself will lose all confidence. Two WR’s one of which still drops the ball and for the most part doesn’t deserve a double team. TE’s that at best are underutilized. A coaching staff that at best is underwhelming in both game preparedness and play calling.

We do have a Defense. A good one. A Defense that has kept the team competitive for years when the Offense has been awful. A Defense that is just exhausted that, 4 games in, they have to carry this team. AGAIN. Still. For another year of a 8-9 record. People want to forget that even though these guys are pros, they’re also young men. Those men had their hopes and expectations up like all the fans. To say that your underwhelming QB, coaching staff and offense and now injury to that offenses lone "Alpha Dog" would have a detrimental psychological effect on that Defense is an understatement.

Denver has a chance if the coaching staff calls better games and prepares ( hello Bolles) the team better. That coaching staff now needs to fully Grok that they don’t have a run game and open up that passing attack and live or die by it. No huddle. Five Wides. Hell go for 3 OL and flood the damn field with everyone and thing that can catch a pass. Get Shannon Sharpe and Ed McCaffery to come out of retirement or just run onto the field from the stands. Don’t run Gordon, use him to catch crossing routes and passes in the flat. Commit fully, 100%.

Denver has a chance if Wilson performs up to expectations. They have a chance if they show the Defense something, anything to keep those guys hopes up. Because if that hope goes away it’ll be truly over and we all get to suffer through another season of What If’s.

Here’s one: What If Paton had drafted Breece Hall or Pierce, would we be having this conversation or would we all be breathing a sigh of relief that he had protected our and the teams season?

Bad luck sucks, but lack of insight and planning is unforgivable from a person in a leadership role.

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