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The Broncos can still turn the season around

It starts in London...

As the Denver Broncos prepare to play the Jacksonville Jaguars in London it still boggles my mind they are 3.5 point underdogs. Back in August, I never would have imagined living in this fresh Broncos Country Hell, but here we are.

It’s almost comical how we had the promise of success dangled in front of us like baby birds starving for a win. We chirped and chirped. We ate up hype videos, and looked at this team as a resurgence to relevancy.

We weren’t the only ones. The NFL felt like the Broncos had become a team of value again. Prime time slots were filled with orange and blue. Marquee games that would put on display the offensive juggernaut that was surely going to ride out of the Rockies and into the living rooms of millions.

London was going to be where Russell Wilson put his international mark on the game. The Jags were a bump in the road to world domination. This was going to be somewhat of a coronation.

I mean, Wilson is friends with F1 great, and member of the Broncos ownership group Lewis Hamilton. Ciara is world famous, and they looked poised to become the new sports world power couple.

It was all falling into place, until it all came crashing to the ground.

But this could be the story of redemption. If you woke up early to watch the Broncos play across the pond, the hope is that the fire will awaken in the team. Nathaniel Hackett, who received the dreaded vote of confidence in the build up to the game in London, can still save his job.

And that is what we will hope for. I know the cry is for Hackett to be fired. I know that the outlook is bleak. I know saving his job will take a herculean effort. But if we want to enjoy the rest of 2022 it will mean Hackett is doing just that.

I mentioned on Broncos Odds and Endzones that the only way for Hackett to save his job is to go 8-2 the rest of the way. Let me add, if he goes 0-1 in London, he might not have a chance at getting anymore wins.

I am rooting for him. Not because I see him as a great coach, but because I want to love watching the Broncos again.

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