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Report: A team is willing to give up a first round pick for Bradley Chubb and Broncos do not plan to trade any of their receivers

We have early Sunday morning trade news.

Indianapolis Colts v Denver Broncos Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

While our Broncos are playing in London, we have some early morning trade news regarding them.

According to ESPN’s NFL insider Adam Schefter, the Denver Broncos are fielding multiple calls about outside linebacker Bradley Chubb. Schefter notes that one team is even willing to trade a first-round pick, along with other compensation for his services.

Chubb has been subject to trade rumors all week and looks likely to be moved before Tuesday’s trade deadline. He’s a 26-year-old pass rusher who is a former top 5 overall selection and players like that do not come available very often. So, when they do, a team is going to have to give up a pretty good package to acquire the Broncos' talented pass rusher and that exactly sounds like what they are getting.

Getting a first-round pick and more for Chubb would be a significant boost to a Broncos team that is lacking a first and second-round pick after acquiring quarterback Russell Wilson. This would help re-fill General Manager George Paton’s war chest and allow him to attempt to retool this team during the offseason.

As for the Broncos' other trade targets, Schefter notes they plan on keeping their two wide receivers to help revive their struggling offense. However, he does note that the Broncos still may trade one of these two if they get the package they want in return for one of them.

The Broncos, who play Sunday in London against the Jacksonville Jaguars, instead want to use Jeudy and Hamler to revive their struggling offense, the sources told ESPN. Denver could ultimately still trade one of the receivers by Tuesday, but it only would be for what the team believed to be a strong offer, according to sources.

This tells me a few things. One, both are certainly on the trade block, and two, the Broncos have not received the offers they wanted for both players.

It seems likely that GM George Paton values both of these young receivers more than the league. Neither has really had a breakout season and could be viewed as a “buy low” option while the Broncos want a premium return for both. Jeudy was a first-round selection while Hamler was a second-round selection, so Paton likely wants something solid for both players.

Also, this report could be an attempt by Paton to put some pressure on the receiver-needy teams out there to bend and give up what he wants in return. Schefter, a former Denver area writer, has connections within the team and could be doing their dirty work here. So, just something to keep in mind as we progress through the next 24 to 48 hours.

In the end, it sounds like the Broncos are getting a pretty good package in return for Bradley Chubb is a fairly competitive bidding war between multiple teams.