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Broncos’ Twitter taking victory laps after big win in London

It wasn’t even close to perfect, but this team found a way to win - which is really all we’ve been asking for.

Denver Broncos v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Dan Mullan/Getty Images

The Broncos’ first drive of the game was U-G-L-Y.

And its second drive was U-G-L-I-E-R.

The third and fourth drives were still pretty miserable.

But that fifth drive had a spark.

After an 11-play drive that featured four first downs, Russell Wilson handed off to Jerry Jeudy on the sixth-yard line, and the wideout scampered to the right and into a waiting end zone.

It was hard to trust that drive given all the games the Broncos’ offense has sputtered following any life.

And sure enough, the defense got the ball back for Denver with a minute to go in the first half, only to watch the offense squander a perfect opportunity to tie or go ahead at halftime.

But for the first time all season, the Broncos came out in the third quarter and scored.

And not only did they score, they scored a red zone touchdown on the heels of Melvin Gordon.

It shouldn’t be as impressive as it is, but when the offense has only scored a total of three points in all the third quarters of this season combined, seven points feels like a million.

The offense proceeded to get three more three-and-outs, and Broncos Country was no doubt fearful of a meltdown by the team once again.

Especially after the Jaguars scored a go-ahead TD late in the fourth quarter.

But it was time to ride and Wilson and the offense did just that.

Starting at 1st-and-10 from their 20, Wilson hit KJ Hamler for a 47-yard first down, nearly getting into the red zone in one play.

It would take a Wilson scramble for 18 yards on 3rd-and-5 to keep the Broncos driving, but another 9-yard pass to Hamler and 7-yard run by Latavius Murray would set up a 2-yard go-ahead touchdown run for Murray.

Broncos took back the lead with 1:43 to go - still plenty of time on the clock for Trevor Lawrence and the Jaguars to march down the field and ruin all the Broncos’ dreams of a victory in a must-win game.

But it was not to be, thanks to K’Wuan Williams coming up clutch with an INT on the Jags’ first play of the drive.

The Broncos still had to hang on to the lead, but after three solid runs from Murray and a quarterback sneak on 4th-and-1, the Broncos could finally celebrate a win.

But no one enjoyed it more - or found more relief - than Wilson.

From London to the Wembley locker room to the Mile High City - and all across Elon Musk’s unfiltered Twitter - Broncos and Broncos Country could be heard loud and clear.

Now all those funny guys making jokes about high knees can kindly STFU and start doing some.

And guess what’s back???