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NFL Power Rankings: Week 5

Little movement in the Top 5, but still plenty of drama this week.

NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars at Philadelphia Eagles Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Between the Seahawks and Lions having the shootout of the season and Bailey Zappe almost beating Aaron Rodgers, it’s safe to say that this year’s excitement continued to roll on through Week 4. And if my power rankings took team’s medical staff into consideration, then you’d be safe to assume that the Dolphins would be at the bottom of my list.

To the chagrin of most NFL fans, it seems like the Chiefs are as good as ever, even after an offseason were they seemingly got worse. Patrick Mahomes got a little payback against the Bucs as he embarrassed their defense for all four quarters.

And speaking about embarrassment, lets talk about the Denver Broncos. You think we’re owned by Walmart? Guess again. Josh Jacobs is the real owner of this team. The Broncos were gashed on nearly every running play, but at least Patrick Surtain is still the best corner back in the league. This running back corps is in shambles, and now that they’ll be forced to rely on Flash-Fumble Gordon to lead the rushing attack, all success now lies on Russell Wilson’s injured shoulders.

Mover of the Week: Dallas Cowboys (up four spots). For the first time in Cowboys history a quarterback has won their first three starts. They move up based on their own play, and with some help from the teams near the middle of the pack.

Week 5 Power Rankings

Rank Team Previous Ranking (Week 3)
Rank Team Previous Ranking (Week 3)
1 Bills - Bills
2 Chiefs +1 Eagles
3 Eagles -1 Chiefs
4 Packers - Packers
5 Ravens +1 Dolphins
6 Dolphins -1 Ravens
7 Chargers +2 Bucs
8 49ers +3 Rams
9 Bucs -2 Chargers
10 Cardinals +2 Broncos
11 Rams -3 49ers
12 Vikings +1 Cardinals
13 Bengals +2 Vikings
14 Titans - Titans
15 Cowboys +4 Bengals
16 Broncos -6 Saints
17 Raiders +3 Colts
18 Saints -2 Browns
19 Colts -2 Cowboys
20 Browns -2 Raiders
21 Giants +3 Jags
22 Patriots - Patriots
23 Jags -2 Steelers
24 Steelers -1 Giants
25 Lions - Lions
26 Jets +3 Commanders
27 Falcons +1 Bears
28 Seahawks +3 Falcons
29 Commanders -3 Jets
30 Bears -3 Panthers
31 Panthers -1 Seahawks
32 Texans - Texans