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Will Russell, Hackett, & Broncos' offense figure it out? | Week 4 film analysis

We jump into the tape to see just how close the Denver offense is to turning the corner!

NFL: Denver Broncos at Las Vegas Raiders Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

Every loss in the NFL hurts, but losing to the Las Vegas Raiders is a type of pain that you can only understand if you grow up in Broncos Country.

The Denver Broncos' offense scored 23 which was a season high for the unit. However, it still wasn’t enough to beat the Raiders. We jump into the film today to see how close this Broncos’ offense is to turning the corner, or if that is even possible at this point in the season.

A few quick notes on how I personally think we could get this offense going:

  1. Tempo - Every time the Broncos offense gets into an up-tempo (no-huddle) package it has been successful. We saw it again at the end of the 1st half against the Raiders where they drove down the field ending with a Jeudy touchdown. We need more of this!
  2. Screen Game - We have to design our screen game better. It is boring, predictable, and flat-out ineffective.

If we can fix those two things on a short week, we stand a much better chance of putting up more points against the Colts on Thursday!

Today we are breaking down 12 total clips, 7 good, and 5 bad. I hope y’all enjoy it!