Why Russ left Seattle

Trying my hardest as a fan not to be pessimistic, but the decisions once again that have been made on this team are horrible. Russel Wilson left Seattle because of sacks and protection! Who is one of the most hurried QB’s so far this year Russ?! We have squandered opportunities on our offensive line since we won the SB with Peyton. It doesn’t matter if offensive lineman are not glorified they are the foundation of an offense You cannot pass protect, and you cannot run the football without them! Russ is the type of QB that needs a sold run game, and to do that you need a good offensive line. We needed a dominant RT and we squandered that in FA. Keeping Melvin Gordon also is no bueno because of the shelf life of RB’s in the NFL. To be honest I wasn’t of fan of bringing him into begin with, and getting rid of Lindsey. Broncos have always been about going to the draft for that position and it has paid big dividends over the years! Especially when it could have been used to upgrade the offensive line.

Hackett looks like a dear in headlights, and very well appears to not be able to scheme himself out of paper-bag. Scheming is another problem Denver has had struggling through coaches. I realize there are growing pains however if your going to tell me that Jacksonville, and Miami are better. I don’t think so. Hackett appears to think that Russ is Rodgers? Have you ever known GB to have a big running attack? Russ and Rodgers are completely different QB’s. It doesn’t really appear to me that Hackett created a play book around Russ. Every play looks predictable and seems as if the defense knows what we are throwing at them. It also appears that he isn’t trying to pull anything creative out of the hat when it comes to plays. I’ll just be honest Hackett was third on my list for HC. First was Doug Pederson who has won a SB with the Eagles. My second choice was Mike McDaniel from Shannahan’s coaching tree. Of course it’s still early, and yes there are growing pains, however how are those two coaches offenses performing? I’m a fan just like we all are so of course I’m optimistic, but we look completely out to lunch on offense, and completely unprepared. The injury to Jevonte is obviously a massive blow, but we need to get it together. Go Bronco’s!! Cheers to big time improvement!


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