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3 winners, 6 losers from the Broncos 12-9 OT loss to the Colts

Just a putrid showing by the Broncos, Wilson and Hackett on Thursday Night Football.

Indianapolis Colts v Denver Broncos Photo by Justin Tafoya/Getty Images

The Denver Broncos are a bad football team.

And that’s putting it mildly.

The season is far from over, yes. But after five weeks and what we just witnessed on Thursday Night Football ... we will need at least a month to cleanse our eyes of the 12-9 loss to the Indianapolis Colts.

At least Melvin Gordon didn’t fumble?

Per the usual, I’m bound to forget someone, leave them off or put them in the wrong category, so please mention them in the comments.


Caden Sterns

The second-year Broncos safety had two interceptions. Too bad the Denver offense couldn’t do anything with them. Sterns also finished with three tackles (one solo) and three passes defended.

Bradley Chubb

Chubb was all over the field and Matt Ryan. The Broncos edge had 2.5 sacks, seven tackles (four solo), three quarterback hits and one tackle for loss. Chubb and the defense held a team to no TDs and Denver still found a way to lose. It was evident by the end of regulation and overtime the Broncos were gassed defensively.

Baron Browning

Just like Chubb, Browning was getting consistent pressure in the pass and running game. The Denver edge had 5 tackles (two solo), two tackles for loss, 1.5 sacks and six QB hits. The only downside to Browning is he left with a wrist injury in the fourth quarter. Though it appears it’s nothing serious and he should be good to go for Week 6.


Russell Wilson

In a word, yikes. That was one of the worst QB showings I can remember, and we had to watch Paxton Lynch. Wilson had a wide-open K.J. Hamler on fourth down and didn’t even see him. Hamler told James Palmer after the game, “I could have walked in.” According to Benjamin Allbright, that was the case for most of the game. Of course, the system isn’t exactly doing Wilson any favors either. But on Thursday, Wilson was beyond putrid.

Nathaniel (Can’t) Hackett

It’s becoming clear with each game that Hackett will not hack it. He’s in way over his head. And there is no evidence that Hackett or the Broncos are actually getting better. In fact, one could make the argument he and Denver are getting worse. The Broncos brought in a clock and game management coach, perhaps it’s time to see if Mike Shanahan wants to come back and be an offensive assistant and take the playcalling away from Hackett. I know, I know, that will not happen. But something needs to happen and fast.

Justin Outten

To take a line from “Office Space,” “What, what would you say ya do here?”

The Broncos offensive line

Just when you think it couldn’t worse, this unit somehow finds a way. No one was good on Thursday night. And now Garett Bolles is out with a broken leg.

Damarri Mathis

If there was a play that highlighted the night for the Broncos, it was the fact that Mathis thought he had a pick, stops on the play to put his hands on his head in disbelief while Alec Pierce keeps chuggin’ along. Mathis looked and played like a rookie on Thursday night.

The Broncos

New head coach. New QB. Same old crap. At least on Thursday, there isn’t much hope this will change either. And through the first give games, Hackett is a raging tire fire inside a dumpster fire.