They deserve to lose

I know…. Titles rather shocking. But I don’t say this with hate for the Denver Broncos in my heart. Lifelong fan, first game I can remember was Elways ‘98 super bowl. Followed them ever since. Griese, Plummer, Cutler, Orton, Tebow, Manning, Sieman, Keenum, Flacco, Lock…. (Yes I’m leaving out the backups who played cause of QB purgatory).

Too be clear. I’m not giving up. I’ll watch them all season to see if they can turn this around. But let’s atleast digest what the problem is so we can fix it. It’s a mixed bag but it points to one thing…. Coaching… specifically offensive.

Lots of reasons for this and Hackett doesn’t take all of the blame (albeit most). So I digress, and let’s just do this in list form because I’m tired of writing..

1. I don’t understand the obsession with short yardage shotgun runs. Loved it on second down there at the end of the game against the colts. As a matter of fact I called it before you ran it. But 3rd and 1? And if one example isn’t enough, please let me remind everyone of the Seahawks game.

2. Penalties are a drive killer… enough said, clean it up.

3. Why aren’t we letting Russ play like Russ. Both get blame here, Hackett and Russ. Hackett you can have your scheme but you atleast need to cater to what Russel does well. How about more boot plays, maybe allow him to scramble and take a real shot instead of throw it away. Short pass, short pass, screen, punt. So fun. But Russ…. Gotta learn to say no…. Manning, Brady, Rodgers…. All these guys have "scuffles" with there coaches. It’s because they are great. They know the game too. Figure out how you two can mesh this offense together. I believe in you but it’s high time you sorted this out and atleast put an average of 20 points on the board. If I still wanted an offense that looked like it was run by Drew Lock, then It would have been better to just keep him.

4. Wraps back to 1. but this is coaching and Oline. Why can’t we run the ball on short yardage. Be men. Be bigger and stronger. Javonte is hurt… yes that sucks… but getting one yard is not rocket science. Line up in a power formation and run it down there throats….. that’s what the good teams do. You wanna be a playoff team…. Act like it.

5. I’m sure there plenty I missed, but at this point it’s more of a vent that will never get read by anyone anyways….. let’s just turn it around and not have another hopeful but lose season.

6. Finally a positive note…. Defense, tough raiders game but keep doing you. No quarrels.

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