You don't "go for it" when you're ahead by 3 at the end of a game against a team who can't score a touchdown.

Is this statement wrong?

For the record, I'm not a troll. By standards I'm not even a Broncos blog fan. I never post about game...anything.

But the fact that Hackett decided to not win by 6 (or 3, given) against a team that hasn't scored a touchdown for 56 minutes, and probably ain't in 4...AND YOU GO FOR IT?! When you're ahead by only 3 points?!!!

Win by 6, yeah your team "sucks". Come Tuesday your offense is the rage of Nick Wright, who gives a ****? You won.

But no...

Pff, who cares what they're planning next. I don't even care about Russell Wilson's stats. It won't matter. It just won't matter if you can't see the forest for the trees on this one.

"Figuring things out?" This guy doesn't understand field goals coming or going. Period. How can somebody be a coach when they don't have that field goal ratio of W/L in their pocket?

Just...obvious. So obvious. I'm lacking faith for the first time. It's not a correctional path, but a spiral. How many more course corrections does a guy need?

Mr. Hackett, you're a genuinely great guy, but if there's a force out there for you to "let go" to I highly suggest you forget everything that has recently happened and use it cuz right now it's like tunnel vision and your horses are running right into an empty clock.

PLEASE give us a reason to have faith.

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