Week 5 Review

Well this might be my last post. When I started doing these I thought it’d be fun to interact with other fans, talk strategy and team building and generally have some fun during a winning Broncos season for the first time in years. Now it just feels like piling on a bad team with a bunch of depressed and deflated people that night read this but why comment because…well…because Denver is just a bad team.

Anything anyone could say has been said and it still holds true here. Hackett is a mediocre coach and has led the team into a lack of preparedness all year. Wilson is not the QB sold and marketed to us during the offseason. The morale of the team and the fans is at a nadir. So much so that fans left the stadium, game still in doubt, rather then continue to watch the absolute betrayal of the product on the field contrasted against what was sold to us in the Off-season.

Digest that for a minute. The Bronco home crowd, once one of the best and most feared in the NFL did not care if their team won or lost, they simply had had enough, said fuck this, and left en masse. We’ve all been to a movie, where over an hour in, it’s so terrible that we just don’t give rats ass how it ends and we walk out. Yep. People that spent hundreds of dollars to go to an event just walked out of the game. That is pure, unbridled disgust.

I could talk about the vanilla play calling. Could talk about a running game pretty much devoid of life that if you take away Gordon’s 17 yard run is much more anemic then his stats say. Could talk about the short yardage pass plays that worked but Hackett still calling a vanilla offensive of balanced attack. Could speak to the fact that the 19th ranked Defense in the NFL just held us to 9 points. Could pontificate on the body language of the Defense at the end. Body language that screamed, " We just held an NFL team to 12 points and we lost."

I could talk about that last play because going for the win or tie is irrelevant because it’s that awful play call, needing one yard, that if we had a RB we counted on, should have gotten the ball. A play call that defies logic with time left, ability to get a first down and calling something other then a run, short pass, QB sneak, QB roll out, RPO…anything but a pass to the end zone in heavy traffic. That’s simply a terrible call.

But why? It’s easier to just state the obvious. If Denver can overcome Hackett’s poor coaching and uninspiring play calling. Overcome the loss of Bolles. If Wilson can become a QB of even mid level play. Overcome a run game that literally scares no one. Overcome penalties, poor preparation and most of all the fact the the fans and many of the players have lost confidence. Then we might go 8-9 or 9-8.

I could sit here and pretend that we have a chance and kinda end this on a positive note. I think that would be a possibility if not for Hackett. A perfect example is Dan Cambell in Detroit. Last year the Lions played their asses off for that guy in a brutal season filled with brutal loss after loss. That team went to war for that guy. This Broncos team ( and the fans) don’t feel that way about Hackett. He’s either lost the locker room ( he’s certainly lost the fan base) or he’s perilously close to it.

If I’m the new ownership group I’m 50/50 on firing Hackett today and putting Evero in charge. As an entrepreneur with a fairly heavy business background I wouldn’t do that because I thought it’d change this to a winning season, or to even make a point. i wouldn’t do it even based on what I thought of Hackett. I’d do it to remove a toxic employee in a leadership role and remove that "cancer" before it spreads. I’d do it because I’ve seen how this movie ends, and it’s easier to just walk out.

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