Fire Hackett now..but not for why you think.

Hackett needs to be fired. Today. this morning. Now. I have no idea if Hackett will turn out to be a good Head Coach or a bad Head Coach but I do know he’s bad now. Firing Hackett most likely won’t save the season but it might save the next four. Make no mistake here, Wilson looks terrible but there is zero chance Denver can get out of his contract for 3-4 years.

Hackett has lost the locker room, Wilson is close. Two plays against the colts sealed Hackett’s fate. Not kicking a field goal to put your team up by six when your Defense hadn’t given up a TD all night. That is an abysmal tactical decision. The next is the play call on 4th and 1 in OT. It’s irrelevant that he went for it. What matters is lining your QB up in the shotgun needing 1 yard with plenty of time. It’s a terrible play call even though Hamler was open and Wilson missed him. it’s a low percentage play with an Offense that was last in the League in RZ efficiency. Abysmal call. Those two plays finished Hackett getting any respect from the players.

Wilson is close to losing that respect and although he can earn it back he hasn’t been in Denver long enough to have enough cache other then his reputation. If Wilson loses the locker room it’ll be a brutal 4 years. Full stop. Wilson is a bit of a Diva and cheerleader and that only works if you’ve been in the building for years ( he hasn’t) or you’re playing well ( he’s not). Otherwise Men get bored of your act really, really quick.

Want to save the rest of Wilson’s time in Denver? Sacrifice Hackett on the Alter today. That’s it. Hackett’s potential makes no difference because Wilson’s contract. Simple as that. Even if the team has a mediocre season they’ll be better prepped for next year.

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