Unpopular Take, Things are Fine but Not Fine

OK, lets be clear on a few things, 1st this was a Thursday night game, these games are routinely awful because teams can not prepare for them, so what you are seeing is very vanilla in scheme and concept. Next, again, this is a team (Colts) who were in the playoff hunt last season and were expected to compete for teh AFC South title. They have a good defense. I expected a pretty ugly game. It was just that.

You can argue that Hackett called the wrong play at the end of the game, I generally would of liked to see Wilson moved out on the edge with some run pass options to at least get the first down if the TD wasn't there. That is fair criticism. But lets stop with Hackett isn't calling a good game, he is and he has been for the past few weeks. Guys were open, if Wilson can't hit these guys or guys are dropping the ball, that is on the player, not the coach. Likewise, on the int on the play to Cleveland in the end zone, is more on Russ than the play call and maybe to Cleveland to some extent. I am not sure how much freedom someone like Cleveland has, but once Gilmore had committed to a inside trail position, Cleveland should of made a inside post move and then broke it back to the corner of the end zone, he would of been wide open, but that likely was more to the lack of playing time with Cleveland and Wilson and lack of trust to make that decsion. Bottom line, Russ trusted his arm too much on that play versus just throwing it away.

Lets move onto the big question, and that is the state of Russell Wilson. I see the messages, anger, I get it, he did not play well. Bottom line he had a bad game. Like I said earlier, that is not unexpected based on the fact this was going to be a very basic game plan to begin with and the defenses were going to have the advantage most of the night. Indy's defensive game plan was pretty simple but effective, make Russell Wilson beat you from the pocket and don't give up the big play over the top. And it was effective. That was on Wilson to make the dink and dunk plays if that is what the defense wants to give you, and he failed last night at doing that with any great consistency.

Does that mean Wilson is washed up, Hackett can't coach, no, I don't think it is an indicator of either. Is Wilson pressing, absolutely. Does Hackett need to find play concepts that Wilson is comfortable with while he gets timing down on other plays, yep. And I don't see any reason why Hackett and Wilson won't find ways to work things out that helps the team win. I get the process is frustrating and everyone wants much better results, but offenses are things that take time as far as understanding and timing. Remember when Brady went down to Tampa Bay, and that was a veteran offensive team but a lot of new players, he didn't really look comfortable in the offense until about 1/2 way through the season and even then he had games where he struggled and the defense rescued him. Bottom line I trust Hackett and Wilson will work this out, it just likely won't be on any timeline that many expect or want.

What is probably more concerening is the injuries. Browning, Dre'mont Jones, Darby, and Jewell were all playing very well and I hope none of their injurigies are serious. Bolles obvioulsy is going to be the bigger issue going forward. Hopefully Turner is ready to step into a starting role, and give us some flexibility. This too me is maybe the bigger issue with the Broncos going forward, is how healthy can this team remain for the rest of the season. We already have lost time to our starting OG, Starting RT, Starting All-pro Safety, Starting WR, Starting edge, starting ILB, and now have lost Starting RB, and Starting LT. How this team reacts to adversity will be what defines it.

This is where I think we truly will see how good a coach Hackett can be. How well do you adjust when you are loising core starting players. What will he do to be able to adjust losing those players and conversely making sure Russell Wilson can operate comfortably as he adjusts to timing and concepts of this offense.

Next is how does Russell Wilson react going forward, this is obviously his team now. He is the franchise. The patience with most of the fan base has been exhausted, Does he have the character and ability to put everything behind him and find a way to get the offense and the team to the spot where they can be solid every game, where they can score effectievely in the red zone, where we can impose our will onto the other teams. I have faith he will find a way, maybe I'm alone in that faith, but I trust he didn't lose his talent coming over here.

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