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NFL Power Rankings: Week 9

The Buffalo Bills are still the best, and Seattle keeps storming towards the playoffs. Here are your Week 9 NFL Power Rankings.

Photo: Mark Konezny / USA Today

If I told you that the Week Eight game between the Seahawks and Giants could very well have huge playoff implications, would you have believed me? I sure hope not, but that’s exactly what went down at Lumen Field on Sunday.

This week also had Tom Brady suffering two losses this week, Christian McCaffery hitting for the cycle, and Derrick Henry making it very clear that he still owns the Texans.

The top five teams stayed put this time around; the Eagles and Chiefs are just too good to have any team moved above them, even with during their bye weeks. There was also some sporadic movement across the board, and I think the most surprising thing so far has been the Vikings staying inside the Top 10 for as long as they have.

I was finally able to move the Broncos up a spot, which made for a nice change this week. Scoring three touchdowns on long drives, getting the whole receiving corps involved, and the defense coming up with two INTs was a great sight to see. But there are tons of offensive issues that remain, so we shouldn’t get our hopes up too high just yet.

Mover of the Week: Seattle Seahawks (up seven spots). The surprise team of the year continued their impressive offensive showing, but it was also their defense that made a giant impression, taking out a Top 10 team.

Week 9 Power Rankings

Rank Team Previous (Week 8)
Rank Team Previous (Week 8)
1 Bills Bills
2 Chiefs Chiefs
3 Eagles Eagles
4 Ravens Ravens
5 Cowboys Cowboys
6 49ers +1 Giants
7 Vikings +2 49ers
8 Giants -2 Chargers
9 Titans +1 Vikings
10 Chargers -2 Titans
11 Patriots +2 Bengals
12 Jets - Jets
13 Seahawks +7 Patriots
14 Bengals -3 Rams
15 Dolphins +4 Packers
16 Rams -2 Bucs
17 Packers -2 Cardinals
18 Cardinals -1 Raiders
19 Saints +2 Dolphins
20 Bucs -4 Seahawks
21 Browns +2 Saints
22 Raiders -4 Colts
23 Broncos +2 Browns
24 Colts -2 Steelers
25 Falcons +1 Broncos
26 Commanders +1 Falcons
27 Steelers -3 Commanders
28 Panthers Panthers
29 Bears Bears
30 Lions +1 Jags
31 Jags -1 Lions
32 Texans Texans