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Stopping Derrick Henry will be a big test for the Broncos

The offense might have to win this game in a shootout

The Denver Broncos came home from London and got a week off. A nice reward for getting a win across the Atlantic. Now they travel to Nashville to take on the Tennessee Titans.

More specifically, they will be taking on Derrick Henry.

Obviously this game will include other players, but as Ian St. Clair and I discussed on Broncos Odds and Endzones this will be a major test for Denver on defense.

It is not like the game is shrouded in mystery. As predictable as the Broncos have been all season on offense, the Titans might be even more predictable. When you have a monster like Henry in the backfield, there doesn’t need to be much deception.

Tennessee will do what they always do, lean heavily on Henry. For the Broncos, that will be a difficult test. They struggled against the Jaguars and Travis Etienne Jr. when they beat Jacksonville in London.

Etienne averaged 6.5 yards per carry against a Broncos defense that couldn’t get him on the ground. The style is different, but the concern is real. If the Jaguars young running back could do that to the defense, what will Derrick Henry be able to accomplish.

This has been one of the most disappointing seasons in recent memory in Broncos Country. Expectations were high for the offense. However, the offensive struggles have been somewhat tempered by the defensive success. A story all too familiar to this franchise.

That has not lead to a lot of wins, but as the season progresses the offense could start to catch up. If they are going to beat the Titans in Week 10 Russell Wilson is going to need to orchestrate some long scoring drives that end with touchdowns, not Brandon McManus field goals.