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Broncos vs. Titans score predictions for Week 10

Our Mile High Report staff is predicting disappointment, but it was a split decision. Here’s our score predictions for the game.

Despite winning in Week 8 heading into their bye week, our Mile High Report staff isn’t feeling too confident in the Denver Broncos this week against the Tennessee Titans. That sentiment seems to mirror the fan survey we ran this week where only 20% of fans held any sort of confidence in the team right now.

Collectively, we predicted a Titans 21-18 win over the Broncos here. However, it wasn’t a unanimous verdict. A couple of us think Denver is in position to surprise this week, so here’s how we see things breakout individually.

Broncos 20, Titans 13

The season turns this week with a more efficient two touchdown, two field goal performance on offense against a physical and tough defense in Tennessee. The Broncos defense continues its historic run and Denver inches closer to .500 with a strong road win against an AFC playoff contender. - Tim Lynch

Titans 23, Broncos 17

I think the most hopeful part about this prediction is that the Broncos manage to put up more than one TD in consecutive weeks. Their poor run defense will get shredded as Derrick Henry will account for both Tennessee TD’s, with Surtain and Co. shutting down the struggling Ryan Tannehill. Time for Greg Dulcich to put up another solid performance. - Ross Allen

Titans 24, Broncos 14

While we all got excited for their last win (replete with 3 actual touchdown drives), the Broncos offense is far from turning a corner. They have yet to prove any value of consistent offensive output either running or passing. That’s going to lead to well-coached teams getting fairly easy wins against this team, regardless of how good the Broncos defense is. - Sadaraine

Titans 32, Broncos 21

The running attack of Derrick Henry. That’s it. Don’t be surprised to see him gain 200 and go for a couple scores. I think Russ continues to get better in the offense, but it won’t be enough. - Adam Malnati

Titans 14, Broncos 12

I’m not acting like beating Jacksonville it’s a cure-all. I want to see more and until I do, it’s hard to feel confident. - Mike DeCicco

Titans 24, Broncos 21

The Broncos defense can only hold the door so long before it breaks. And Derrick Henry is exactly the type of back who can blow right through. If Josh Jacobs can do it, the king certainly can. The Broncos offense will continue to take baby steps, but not much more, especially without KJ Hamler. - Nick Burch

Broncos 24, Titans 21

Looks like I am standing alone amongst my fellow MHR staffers. Derrick Henry is going to be a serious problem and will probably run wild on the Broncos mediocre run defense. That being said, this will probably be Tannehill’s first game back from injury, so there is no saying how good he will be (even though he’s never really been exceptional in the first place.) Broncos secondary makes a big impact in this game and will do their best effort to keep this game close for the offense. Broncos will struggle offensively on some drives, but then somehow make it work on a few as well. Something in my gut makes me feel like the Broncos find a weird way to win this one. - Rachel Strand

Titans 17, Broncos 14

Against the Jaguars, the Denver defense gave up 156 yards rushing on 24 carries to Travis Etienne Jr. That was an average of 6.5 yards per rush. Now comes the best running back in the NFL. If Henry averages 6.5 yards per carry, he’ll finish with over 200 yards. This defense cannot stop the run and it cannot tackle. That doesn’t change on Sunday. - Ian St. Clair

What is your score prediction for the Broncos-Titans game? Let us know in the comments section below.