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Report: Broncos wide receiver Jerry Jeudy suffered just a mild ankle injury

Some rare good news on the injury front.

Denver Broncos v Tennessee Titans Photo by Silas Walker/Getty Images

According to NFL Network’s insider, Ian Rapoport, Denver Broncos wide receiver Jerry Jeudy dodged a major/season-ending injury. He states that Jeudy suffered a mild ankle injury and just sprained a muscle on the back side of his ankle. He further states that Jeudy’s status for the upcoming game this weekend vs. the Raiders is to be determined. So, the fact he has not been ruled out already is good news.

Obviously, we will need to monitor the injury report throughout the week to see how much Jeudy is doing, but I will take the rare good injury news.

Initially, there was some fear of an Achilles injury. Jeudy was holding the back side of his ankle and injured it in a non-contact way. So, the concern was legit, but thankfully, that was ruled out fairly quickly, and Jeudy received the positive diagnosis of just a minor ankle injury.

Jeudy was injured on one of the first offensive plays of the game for the Broncos, so his loss was felt throughout the game. The Broncos' offense continued to struggle and players like Kendall Hinton, Montrell Washington, and Jalen Virgil didn’t do much, outside of Virgil’s long touchdown on a broken coverage. So, having Jeudy back in a week or so would be beneficial to an already struggling offense.

The Broncos host the Raiders this Sunday, a team who already defeated them earlier in the season. The Raiders are a struggling team who has blown back-to-back fourth-quarter leads and is currently at a 2-7 record. However, in their previous matchup with the Broncos, they were one of the few teams this season to have offensive success against the Broncos' defense. So, having Jeudy back and healthy for this one would be nice.

In the end, the good news is good news, and even if Jeudy does end up missing this Sunday’s game, the fact he dodged a major injury is news I will take. We have already seen multiple major injuries to key members of the Broncos roster, so not having another one is good.