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NFL Power Rankings: Week 11

The Eagles are undefeated no more, the Vikings are legit contenders, and the Broncos drop back down the rankings

Photo by Isaiah Vazquez/Getty Images

The Minnesota Vikings have done what no one thought they would before the season started; not only did they knock off the Bills, they did so in wild fashion. It was easily the best game of the year so far, and it will be very hard to top. Kirk Cousins dances for another week.

But this wasn’t the only massive upset to go down in Week 10, because in a game many wrote off, the Commanders went in to Philadelphia and gave the Eagles their first loss of the season. Now this might not be as big of a deal as some may make it out to seem because divisional games are almost always tough, and also Taylor Heinicke is the greatest quarterback in Washington Commanders history.

A couple teams were knocked back to earth on Sunday, and that list includes the Dallas Cowboys and the Seattle Seahawks. Dak Prescott didn’t look great, especially early on in the game, and their defense got gashed on the ground. Just another example of the Cowboys getting their fans’ hopes up, and then smashing it into a million pieces. And to the Seahawks credit, they didn’t look too bad, but the league better buckle up for Tom Brady’s post-divorce revenge tour; he’s now 2-0 since it went down.

The Broncos were also a team that was shot back down to earth, through the crust, and all the way into the mantle (there’s a sentence for all you geography people out there). They once again showed that nothing changes and that they will never be prepared for a game, even if they get an extra week of practice. Nathaniel Hackett is quite possibly one of the worst first-year head coaches the league has ever seen, and he is doing things that haven’t happened since the end of World War II.

Mover of the Week: Washington Commanders (up six spots). I really thought that the Vikings were going to take this week’s title, but Washington benefited from being around a bunch of teams that lost this week and they surge out of the bottom of the rankings. How long will this last though?

Week 11 Power Rankings

Rank Team Previous (Week 10)
Rank Team Previous (Week 10)
1 Chiefs +1 Eagles
2 Vikings +4 Chiefs
3 Eagles -2 Bills
4 Ravens Ravens
5 Bills -2 Cowboys
6 49ers +2 Vikings
7 Jets Jets
8 Giants +1 49ers
9 Cowboys -4 Giants
10 Patriots Patriots
11 Titans +2 Chargers
12 Dolphins +3 Seahawks
13 Bucs +3 Titans
14 Chargers -3 Bengals
15 Seahawks -3 Dolphins
16 Bengals -2 Bucs
17 Packers +2 Rams
18 Cardinals Cardinals
19 Rams -2 Packers
20 Commanders +6 Browns
21 Steelers +4 Saints
22 Browns -2 Broncos
23 Saints -2 Raiders
24 Colts +3 Falcons
25 Broncos -3 Steelers
26 Lions +2 Commanders
27 Falcons -3 Colts
28 Raiders -5 Lions
29 Panthers +1 Jags
30 Jags -1 Panthers
31 Bears Bears
32 Texans Texans