what i wouild do as broncos coach 2.0

i did this in 2018 as well

num 1 i wouild sit Russell down and say it's humnan nature but u are pressing too hard u have to roll out of the pocket and take what the def gives u because the deep shots will happan if u take more short shots

num 2 u fix the o-line by adding a extra TE to block and moveing the WR more inside

num 3 i would cut gordon also vets over 30 with only 1 year left so the young guys can get looks

num 4 tell the guys to play loose dont worry about what the blogs say

num 5 i would try some new stuff like put 3 wr on 1 side run one short one middle one long or 2 crossing

num 6 the def is fine although they do give up more 3rd downs that i wouild like but that most likely due to overuse

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