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Broncos vs. Titans over/under reactions

The MHR crew determines if these statements are overreactions, or if there is truth to them.

Photo by Silas Walker/Getty Images

Well it’s safe to say that the Denver Broncos are no where near good, and all of the positive feelings we had coming out of the Jacksonville Jaguars game are now completely gone. Once again Nathaniel Hackett had Denver looking horribly ill prepared against the Tennessee Titans and this time he even had an extra week of practice.

It seems like nothing is changing with this organization, and that they would be stronger with another man at the helm. Maybe they could even be like the Indianapolis Colts and bring back a franchise great. It has worked out for them so far and it’s not like the Broncos have anything to lose at this point, and they also don’t have a pick to tank for. Not that we needed any reminding of that.

Join me and some of the Mile High Report crew as we try to discern if the following statements are overreactions, or if there is truth to them. Sound off in the comments below!

The Broncos would have just as much/ more success with Champ Bailey as head coach

Nick Burch: Correct reaction. Jake Plummer could’ve coached a better game. And I’m pretty sure he’s on shrooms most days of the week.

Adam Malnati : Not an overreaction. They have just as much success with a potato as the head coach. They’d be 5-4 under Champ.

Tim Lynch: Not an overreaction. Hackett is terrible.

Ian St. Clair: If it gets rid of Hackett, not an overreaction.

Chase Edmonds will finish the year as RB1 for Denver

Ian St. Clair: If it means Gordon and Hackett are gone, not an overreaction.

Nick Burch: Overreaction. Unfortunately. Melvin Gordon could hold up a bus full of nuns and orphans, and he’d still be Hackett’s RB1.

Tim Lynch: Overreaction. Hackett loves himself some Melvin Gordon.

Not an overreaction. At this rate, anything is possible. Not likely, but not an overreaction.

It’s officially time to declare Seattle as the winners of the Russell Wilson trade

Tim Lynch: Overreaction. It is stupid to have this conversation when Nathaniel Hackett is likely a one and done head coach.

Ian St. Clair: What Tim said. Definitely an overreaction (though they are the winner this season based on the draft pick).

Adam Malnati: Overreaction. Wilson will be the Broncos QB for a long time. The right HC in 2023 and a couple deep playoff runs should make us all feel better.

Nick Burch: Correct reaction. We got fleeced and are gonna give a playoff team a top-10 (5?) pick. I do think Wilson with a better coach could nullify this opinion, but that begs the question, will any potential Hackett replacement want Wilson as his QB?