A little gallows humor:

A little gallows humor:

A man brings his small dog into a bar and asks the bartender to turn on the Broncos game because his dog loves the Broncos. Its a slow Sunday in the bar so the bartender says okay. The dog sits on a stool and is watching the TV intently. Right off the bat the Broncos drive down the field and score a touchdown. The dog barks six times and does a back flip. Then the other team scores and the dog whines. On the next defensive possession a Bronco defender intercepts a pass for a pick six. The dog barks six times again and does another back flip.

The bartender is impressed with the smart animal and says: "Wow your dog really understands the game. What does he do when the Broncos win?"

"I dunno" the man replied, "I’ve only had him the past six years."

Lighten up everyone, its just a joke!

Love the Broncos, hate the F*1%ing Raiders. Go Broncos!

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