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Polumbus: ‘Russ is losing his mind out there— he’s using audibles from the Seahawks’

Oh boy. Russell Wilson is apparently calling audibles and using codewords from the Seattle Seahawks. Denver Broncos players don’t know them.

Denver Broncos v Tennessee Titans Photo by Silas Walker/Getty Images

Update: The Broncos are obviously denying this story. Head Coach Nathaniel Hackett is saying that Wilson has done everything they have asked for.

Original Story: On Wednesday, Tyler Polumbus on 92.5FM told Broncos Country that Russell Wilson is calling audibles from his time with the Seattle Seahawks and using codewords. Neither of which any of the Denver Broncos players know or understand.

Benjamin Allbright later followed up saying there was some truth to this report. That is actually insane! No wonder the Broncos’ offense is completely broken out there every where. I leaned on this being Nathaniel Hackett’s issue, but if Wilson is out there calling audibles no one even understands then I may have to adjust my line of thinking there.

There is clearly some missing context. We don’t actually know if this is something that is happening every game or if its just a couple of times. However, in a lot of ways, this just confirms my biggest concern: Russell Wilson and Nathaniel Hackett just aren’t on the same page leading to complete dysfunction. Hackett’s play-calling isn’t working and maybe Wilson is just trying to get into plays that he knows will actual work.

It would be nice to know how frequently this happens in a game, because that would really determine how big of a deal this actually is. Then again, if they were scoring points and winning games ... no one would care.