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The Broncos and Raiders face off in this year’s Depression Bowl

A loss could spell the end of the Nathaniel Hackett era in Denver.

The Denver Broncos have been one of the biggest disappointments in the NFL. The Las Vegas Raiders might be a slightly bigger disappointment this season.

The two teams face off in the Depression Bowl for Week 11. In Denver, all the conversation seems to be about Russell Wilson calling for audibles at the line of scrimmage, but using calls from his days with the Seahawks.

Whatever the truth is about all that, the offensive issues have plagued the team all season. On Broncos Odds and Endzone Ian brought up that if Denver could have scored just 18 points in every game they would be 8-1.

That stat, coupled with all the other terrible news in Broncos Country is why I hate this team.

Just wait. I love the Broncos. I always will, but with the offensive hype heading into the season, and the constant reminders that the team can’t even tank to get a good draft pick, it is really difficult to love this version of the Denver Broncos.

The defense is otherworldly, which should comfort me in my time of strife, but it doesn’t. I’m tired of leaning on the defense to make me feel better. I want Russell Wilson and the offense to make me happy.

But I just don’t trust this team to do that. The offensive struggles don’t are coupled with injuries up and down the offensive line. Starters are missing all over the field, which makes fixing the problem that much more difficult.

Unfortunately, the only thing that could give me hope for the future is Nathaniel Hackett being shown the door. I hate discussing firing the head coach. It feels dirty.

However, at this time, with this team, the only way the Broncos can show fans that there is a commitment to getting this fixed is admitting a mistake and moving on.

Hackett talks about accountability all the time. If he really believed in accountability he would fire himself as play caller and hand those duties to Klint Kubiak. He would recognize that he has to change his approach to fix the problem. Instead we have been served a big old bowl of status quo.

If the Broncos can’t find a way to beat a team that couldn’t beat the Indianapolis Jeff Saturdays, it could spell the end of Hackett’s tenure in Denver. That is not what I am rooting for, but it would not surprise me if that’s what happened.