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Will the Broncos avoid being swept by the Raiders this weekend?

Few things could annoy Broncos Country more than being swept by the Raiders. Except being swept by the Raiders while they are coached by Josh McDaniels.

The guys from our Dublin to Denver podcast previewed the Denver Broncos and Las Vegas Raiders game this week and they brought up a good question. Is Nathaniel Hackett’s job on the line?

The obvious answer is yes, but what happens if the woeful Josh McDaniels-led Raiders sweep the Broncos and the offense puts out another stinker of game. I think that that point, general manager George Paton should just fire Hackett and roll with whoever and whatever in the final games of the season.

Getting swept by a Raiders team whose two of their three wins came against Hackett’s Broncos could be the nail in the coffin for his tenure in Denver. I still think you just let it ride until the end of the season and make wholesale change at that time, but boy would it be tough not to support a midseason firing if this team lays a stinker on Sunday and gets swept.

What do you think: is this do or die for Nathaniel Hackett on Sunday?