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Nathaniel Hackett gives play calling to Klint Kubiak

In a move that could save his job in Denver, the head coach will let Kubiak call the plays against the Raiders.

Denver Broncos v Tennessee Titans Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

The Denver Broncos will have a new offensive play caller against the Las Vegas Raiders.

Tom Pelissero is reporting that Nathaniel Hackett quietly handed the play calling duties to Klint Kubiak during practices this week. Hackett and offensive coordinator Justin Outten will have input into the play calling, but the guy in Russell Wilson’s helmet will be Kubiak.

Per Pelissero’s report, the players didn’t find out about the switch until the Saturday night meeting. Fans have been clamoring for a change for much of the season, and the move was finally made.

Kubiak was the offensive coordinator in Minnesota in 2021, and has been around the NFL his whole life. He obviously comes from the Mike Shanahan coaching tree, as his father Gary Kubiak was a mainstay in Denver, and eventually lead the team to a Super Bowl win in 2015.

With an abysmal 15.1 points per game, the offense has been more than a little underwhelming. This unexpected ineptitude had many people calling for a switch like this several weeks ago.

It has arrived at the point in Broncos Country where most fans are asking for Hackett to lose his job, not just the play calling duties. However, if the switch gives Denver the spark it needs, and the team can go on a run, this could be the move that saves the season, and Hackett’s job.

With the most hated rival coming to Denver, now was the moment Hackett decided he needed to make a big move to change the offense. With Josh McDaniels also on the ropes as a head coach, it almost feels like the loser of this game will be given their walking papers. The winner gets to fight another day.

I won’t be preaching hope with this move. We all know it is a desperation play. Still it had to happen. Kubiak will bring a different look from the booth, and a different style. A change that could give Russell Wilson new life this season.