Now Or January, The Broncos Need To Start Over

Hackett or not, Aaron Rodgers didn't get traded to Denver. But Hackett was then asked to do something that he had no business being asked to do, which was coach an NFL football team. Hackett has done his best. Not at coaching, but at cementing the Broncos into the NFL's laughingstock, a spot typically reserved for the likes of the Browns, Jaguars and Lions, but now, the Broncos are one of the NFL's pillars of terrible football. Remember when we all wanted to fire Vic Fangio? This team would be much better off had he stuck around one more year. Mr. Hackett even has a few fans saying "You know, that Vance Joseph guy wasn't thaaat bad compared to what we have now." Hackett needs to go, and the Broncos need someone with some experience behind the headset, notably with hiring competent assistants that he can manage and teach along with setting up practices that will have the Broncos ready and in game shape by Week One. Who? I don't know, but if he's experienced and was not a total game wrecker with a headset on like Hackett has been, I'll be happy. John Fox, anyone? Just to think, had Hackett ever even watched a football game, knew what he was watching and then applied it to his in-game thinking, this team could have a winning record as bad as they have been.

As for the GM, all his slack with the fans from 2021 has dried up with his collection of cellar dweller level moves in 2022, and the extension of Melvin Gordon for one more year is a constant reminder of the horrible place this team is in and the lack of direction it has. George Paton needs to hold Nathaniel Hackett's hand when they are both shown the door together. As for a replacement, I would love to see PFM get a shot as much as the next guy, but as long as the next GM focuses more on the line of scrimmage, strives to keep the defense in the top 10 year in and year out, and builds an offense that has balance and utilizes Wilson's strengths to the Broncos advantage, then the wins will be back sooner rather than later.

The injury situation needs addressed also. Whether it be the strength and conditioning program or if it falls back on the way they prepared in the offseason and in camp, the number of players on IR needs to change for the better before this team can go anywhere.

As for some of the core players, finding any sort of trade partner for the bloated contracts of Garret Bolles, Josey Jewell, and Justin Simmons would be a step in the right direction for this team. Bolles is an XFL tackle with an NFL contract. Josey Jewell is a natural middle linebacker who was born to play in the era of leather helmets, but in today's game is a special teamer trying to be a starter who gets outplayed by journeyman Alex Singleton every time Singleton gets the chance to play. Justin Simmons is an ankle biting, tackle avoiding softie who is nearly unwatchable for Bronco fans who remember how the safety position was played properly by the likes of Atwater, Smith, Lynch, Dawkins, Ward, Stewart, and even Kareem Jackson pre-2022. A safety that won't deliver a hit or wrap up on a tackle has no place in the Mile High city.

This team is not good, but with the right moves, this team could be a fringe playoff contender in 2023. As bad as Russ looks this year, with the right protection up front he will be back to winning games in no time if everyone can get and stay healthy, and there isn't a coach on the sideline making a lifetime of bad choices that cost the Broncos game after game after game. Let's just hope that the new owners agree, and decide to model their will to win after Mr. B's. We can only hope.

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