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Gordon on fumbling: ‘I don’t think that’s the reason we lost’

Denver Broncos running back Melvin Gordon lacks awareness when it comes to how the score played out against the Las Vegas Raiders.

The Denver Broncos had a great chance to go up by a touchdown before halftime against the Las Vegas Raiders. Instead, we witnessed a familiar pattern with Melvin Gordon. He takes a handoff and near the goal line the ball squirts out. Instead of a touchdown or at least a first and goal opportunity, the Broncos luckily recovered the fumble and were forced a kick a field goal.

If you ask Melvin Gordon though, that fumble wasn’t the reason Denver lost the game.

“I don’t think that’s the reason we lost the game because we recovered it but it definitely didn’t help,” Gordon said after the game. “When I do stuff like that I put myself on a short leash. I get taken out of the game. But I can’t be mad at anybody but myself.”

Instead of 14-7, the Broncos were up 10-7. And late in the fourth quarter, they were up 16-13 instead of 20-13. I wonder what happens on that fourth and goal in the final seconds if the Raiders have to go for it instead of kicking the game-tying field goal.

But hey, that fumble by Gordon didn’t play a factor.

That lack of accountability is why Gordon shouldn’t have seen a single snap the rest of that game, but in true Nathaniel Hackett fashion, he did. And I am sure he’ll see plenty of snaps next week. Because in Hackett’s bizarre-o land of accountability, no one is actually held accountable for their play or decisions.

Meanwhile, all of Broncos Country likely has the sentiment we expressed right after that critical turnover:

Bench him. Cut him. Certainly don’t pat him on the back and send him back out onto the field for more of the same!