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Scenes from the Broncos pathetic 22-16 overtime loss to the Raiders

Here are all the best shots from the Denver Broncos 22-16 overtime defeat to the Las Vegas Raiders on Sunday.

The Denver Broncos have won just two of their last 15 games in the AFC West and they are 0-3 so far into 2022. The 22-16 overtime loss to the Las Vegas Raiders completed a season-sweep for Josh McDaniels who has two of his three total wins this season against Denver.

Pathetic. Pathetic is the word I would use to describe the Nathaniel Hackett era in Denver.

There are a multitude of reasons why it has been pathetic, but you’d need look no further than the handling of Melvin Gordon to hammer that point home. Another fumble inside the two yard line and still getting snaps. Completely whiffed on a critical block that led to Russell Wilson being sacked and still getting snaps. It would appear to me that there is literally nothing Gordon could do to lose his role on this team entirely.

As I write this Sunday night, I would not be surprised to wake up in the morning to the news that Hackett has been relieved of his duties and Dom Capers takes over as interim head coach. I opposed midseason coaching changes all the way up until today. Just get this pathetic show moving forward with a different face telling us about accountability and execution. Please!