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Klint Kubiak greatly enhanced Broncos’ offensive efficiency in Week 11

Nathaniel Hackett turning over play calling duties to Klint Kubiak was the right decision and we should expect things to get better from here.

Las Vegas Raiders v Denver Broncos Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

The Denver Broncos have had the worst offense in franchise history through 10 games and few people believed Nathaniel Hackett would be able to turn things around. So against the Las Vegas Raiders, he announced he was turning over play calling duties to Klint Kubiak and the results were better than people might think.

Before Week 11, the Broncos offensive efficiency ranked in the bottom five. The chart below shows how bad the offense was despite a very efficient defensive rating.

This chart INCLUDES the Broncos Week 11 performance. So despite moving the needle offensively, the Broncos are still horrendous overall.

Ben Baldwin here broke Week 11 out by itself and you can see just how much Klint Kubiak improved things in just a single week of game planning.

While it is true they still only scored 16 points, the context there is yet another critical fumble inside the two yard line by Melvin Gordon and a blocked Brandon McManus field goal. Convert that touchdown and field goal and the Broncos actually had drives that could have scored 23 points and likely won that game.

Granted, the beating themselves issue remains, but hopefully with Gordon now gone it means more Latavius Murray inside the two yard line moving forward.

I saw enough movement and consistency to feel like this offense is going to progress towards much higher points per game. Other issues remain, such as the decision to throw it on third and 10 with two minutes left in the game when a run or a sack would have assured max time was run off the clock. However, if they start scoring in the 20s those critical errors become less important with the kind of defense this team has.

I’m looking forward to that at least. How about you?