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NFL Power Rankings: Week 11

Four of the top five spots see movement, and a basement team makes a big move up the rankings

Brace Hemmelgarn - USA TODAY Sports

We can’t be too surprised that it’s the Chiefs that are the ones looking like Super Bowl favorites at the moment. Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce look like the most horrifying duo in the league, and the defense is doing alright too, I guess.

The Eagles were lucky to escape the wrath of Jeff Saturday by the skin of their teeth, and avoid an upset loss for the second week in a row. The Bills were able to put up a decent performance against a poor Browns team, and the Cowboys had the performance of the week as they absolutely demolished the Vikings. There was no catch-of-the-year plays for Justin Jefferson in this one as the Dallas defense stifled everything Minnesota could throw at them.

Is this the year that the Cowboys actually live up to expectations and make a run at the Super Bowl? Probably not. Knowing them they’ll just find a way to lose in the Divisional Round.

We all know what happened with the Broncos this week. Even with a new play caller on offense they still couldn’t escape the problems they’ve been facing all season, including another Melvin Gordon fumble that likely cost them a touchdown, and maybe even the game. At least we won’t have to worry about that happening anymore. The Broncos have officially hit their lowest point of the season in the Power Rankings.

That’s what happens when you lose to Josh McDaniels and the Raiders two times in one season. Still waiting for Denver to finally beat the Las Vegas Raiders.

Mover of the Week: Detroit Lions (up seven spots). The Lions pulled off a huge win on the road against a top 10 Giants team. They have now won three straight games for the first time in five years, and maybe now their Thanksgiving game against the Bills will be more exciting than previously thought.

Week 11 Power Rankings

Rank Team Previous (Week 11)
Rank Team Previous (Week 11)
1 Chiefs Chiefs
2 Eagles +1 Vikings
3 Cowboys +6 Eagles
4 Bills +1 Ravens
5 49ers +1 Bills
6 Ravens -2 49ers
7 Vikings -5 Jets
8 Titans +3 Giants
9 Patriots +1 Cowboys
10 Giants -2 Patriots
11 Jets -4 Titans
12 Dolphins Dolphins
13 Bengals +3 Bucs
14 Bucs -1 Chargers
15 Seahawks Seahawks
16 Chargers -2 Bengals
17 Commanders +3 Packers
18 Packers -1 Cardinals
19 Lions +7 Rams
20 Cardinals -2 Commanders
21 Rams -2 Steelers
22 Saints +1 Browns
23 Steelers -2 Saints
24 Colts Colts
25 Browns -3 Broncos
26 Falcons +1 Lions
27 Raiders +1 Falcons
28 Panthers +1 Raiders
29 Broncos -4 Panthers
30 Bears +1 Jags
31 Jags -1 Bears
32 Texans Texans