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Nathaniel Hackett explains how he made the decision to move play calling to Klint Kubiak

The Denver Broncos head coach ‘put his foot down’ on handing over play calling to Klint Kubiak. So far it looks like the right decision.

NFL: International Series-Denver Broncos at Jacksonville Jaguars Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Denver Broncos finally displayed some offensive life and offensive efficiency in Week 11 against the Las Vegas Raiders, but even that dwindled late as things went south allowing the Raiders to score 9 unanswered points in the final minute of regulation and in overtime to win 22-16.

The source of that efficiency was none other than Klint Kubiak. According to head coach Nathaniel Hackett, he ‘put his foot down’ after the Tennessee Titans game to hand over play calling duties to Kubiak.

“We were—I was evaluating it, continually, throughout,” Hackett explained on his decision to move play calling duties. “I was always trying to think of how we can get better. I thought that Jacksonville game some things really flowed well and then we got into rhythm. When we were in the Tennessee game, I just didn’t feel right. That’s why I really kind of put my foot down and decided to kind of move it over to Klint [Kubiak].”

Many might note that Hackett also ‘put his foot down’ when it came to keeping the status quo many weeks ago, but it looks like someone finally talked some sense into him. The important thing is that the offense is getting a fresh start.

“I’m excited,” Hackett continued. “I’m excited to see what Klint and Justin [Outten] can put together and being a part of that. I think it’s a fresh look at everything. I thought it was great having somebody up in the box, too. When you’re up in the box calling plays from there, it’s so different. It’s quiet, you don’t have as many distractions, you can see the whole field and you can help with calls. It’ll give us an advantage. I’m excited for it now.”

Despite only scoring 16 points, the offense was actually more efficient and had opportunities to score up to 20 if not for a Melvin Gordon fumble and a Brandon McManus blocked field goal attempt.

The good news is Hackett is going to keep the play calling duties with Kubiak moving forward. Hopefully that translates to improvement each week from here on out.

“Yes, that’s how we’re going to move forward right now,” Hackett said. “I thought the communication between Klint and Justin was really good. I thought the operation was really good. There are a couple of things we can clean up with that being their first time going through it. I think it will be better the next game.”

With the Carolina Panthers up next, the Broncos may very well have their last surefire winnable game this week. The Panthers are atrocious and the Broncos schedule becomes quite brutal after that. A win is certainly vital for this team at this point.