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Latavius Murray’s mentality isn’t changing

Following the Broncos’ announcement that they’ve waived RB Melvin Gordon III, the presumed now-starter Latavius Murray spoke with the press about what comes next for him and the team.

NFL: Las Vegas Raiders at Denver Broncos Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Broncos Country has been taking this news about Melvin Gordon pretty... well. I don’t think any tears have been shed thus far, and Gordon seems to be on the same page, considering the farewell he made this morning (you might have to click on the post to see his caption, which is at the bottom of the picture).

In the post, Gordon referred to Denver’s fanbase as “hell” and said that he wants to “laugh on the way out.”

If we’re being completely honest with ourselves, Denver Broncos fans were kind of horrible to him, even if there was ample reason to be frustrated with his performance. To a point, his feelings seem valid enough to me. On the other hand, it wasn’t classy to leave the way that he did, and if I was managing another team, I wouldn’t be compelled to sign him on after that exit.

Broncos RB Latavius Murray, who is currently the presumed starting quarterback, was asked about how the news of Gordon being waived affected him.

“My initial reaction was anytime someone gets let go or cut, it’s not a situation you want to be in,” he admitted, “Mel was someone that I just met when I got here, and we became friends. Obviously, we shared the same room.”

Murray added that he felt bad at first, but it does mean more opportunities for him, which means he needs to seize those opportunities.

In light of this news, though, Murray insists he hasn’t changed his mentality. He intends to keep going back out on the field and giving it everything he has. “Whether the carries are up or not, when you’re in there, you have to produce,” he explained.

“For me, I need to make sure my preparation is what it has been and where it needs to be and make sure I go out there and play well.”

The running back shared the difficulty of producing wins in this league. “For somebody that’s in it now, you go out there, you prepare and you practice, and then to not have the results that you expect, that hurts even more.”

He continued, “It’s not easy. That’s why when you win, it feels good. You need to enjoy it and appreciate it because they’re hard to come by.”

Finally, Murray thinks the offense is on the verge of a breakthrough. “Obviously, we have been able to move the ball and find a bit of a groove, but we’re still hurting ourselves on third down,” he said, “We’ve been talking about it, but it’s time to put it all together and not come back and sing the same song.”

We’ll see how this new roster move (along with the multiple other transactions announced today) changes the Broncos’ trajectory.


Are you on board with the Broncos’ decision to waive Gordon? Share your reasons in the comments.

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