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Russell Wilson proves he’s not the problem in Denver

The MHR crew determines if these statements are overreactions or not after the Broncos’ week 11 loss to the Raiders

Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

The Denver Broncos have now been swept by the Las Vegas Raiders for the third season in a row, and Hackett is responsible for 66% of Josh McDaniels’ wins. It was a horrible game with an even worse result, and Denver has officially reached a new low point on the season. And this may even be the lowest point the Broncos have reached since the 2016 season.

But it wasn’t necessarily all bad this week. The offense showed signs of life that we haven’t seen all year (even though they still ended up only scoring one touchdown yet again), and Russell Wilson had one of his most efficient games while in orange.

The MHR crew takes a look at a few different statements I made on the week and determines if they’re overreactions, or if there is truth to them. Make sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments.

The Broncos offense looked transformed with Klint Kubiak calling plays

Tim Lynch: I’m not sure transformed is the word I would use, but it was certainly more efficient. Convert Melvin Gordon’s fumble into a touchdown and the Broncos would have scored 20 points. That’s a damn sight better than anything we’ve seen all year. I’ll take it.

Adam Malnati: Transformed would mean more than 18 points. That wasn’t transformative. It was just different.

Nick Burch: Transformed? No. Improved? Yes. The most noticeable difference was the elevated play of Wilson. Run game still was garbage, but a lot of that can be attributed to being so far down the depth chart on the OL. However, even if seemingly improved, I’d like to see how it looks against an actually good defense like Baltimore

Russell Wilson fully proved that he is not the problem in Denver and that it is in fact the coaching

Tim Lynch: I already believed this. You don’t toss 10 years of Hall of Fame play out the window in favor of a first-year inept and terrible head coach.

Adam Malnati: Not fully the problem. Still, he needs to get some of the blame. He has proven to be unable to adjust. The greatest QBs right now are great no matter who the guy is calling plays. Peyton Manning made guys look like head coaches. Russell Wilson isn’t doing that.

Nick Burch: Correct reaction. He wasn’t perfect still, but after just one instance of using a different play caller, he looked like a completely different QB. He started off 13-15 and completed 77% of his passes on the day. He also had a crucial drop by Sutton and a questionable penalty on him as well rob him of more yards. I expect him to be much better to finish the season, especially if Jeudy can come back and contribute.

Melvin Gordon is the least reliable running back in team history

Tim Lynch: Correct.

Tanner Watts: I mean we did employ Monte Ball (I’m pretty sure) but all that stuff happened.

Nick Burch: Probably. I’m trying to think of anyone else worse but am coming up blank.