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Where the Broncos rank in the power rankings around the web

The rankings are depressing.

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Las Vegas Raiders v Denver Broncos Photo by Michael Owens/Getty Images

The Denver Broncos lost in overtime to the Las Vegas Raiders and fell to a disappointing 3-7 record on the year. This season is now lost and any postseason hopes are now dashed. They currently have a top-five pick(going to Seattle) and will be near the bottom of the power rankings done by the experts.

So, with that said, let us take a look at where the Broncos rank in the power rankings around the web.

ESPN - 30th

What/who is underachieving? OFFENSE

That’s right, it’s in all caps. Everybody from the coaches to quarterback Russell Wilson to each player across the formation bears some responsibility. Coach Nathaniel Hackett and Wilson should get most of the heat, but the Broncos have had too many mistakes, too many curious calls, too many what-was-that decisions by Wilson, too many fumbles and far too few touchdowns. The league-leading list of players on injured reserve, including running back Javonte Williams, has not helped, but the recap of this season will be topped with this offense’s failings. — Jeff Legwold

CBS’s Pete Prisco - 27th

They changed who would call the plays on offense, but it didn’t matter. Russell Wilson isn’t doing enough and the offense is bad as they keep on losing.

Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio - 31st

Broncos (3-7; No. 28): If feels like “when” not “if” for Nathaniel Hackett to be one and done.

Bleacher Report - 30th

The acquisition of veteran quarterback Russell Wilson was supposed to be a game-changer for the Denver Broncos—the move that would propel the franchise back into the status of a perennial contender.

Instead, it appears to be one of the great boondoggles in NFL history. Because this year’s Broncos offense isn’t better with Wilson. It’s worse.

Markedly worse. Dead-last-in-the-NFL-in-scoring worse.

The latest disappointment came Sunday against a bad Raiders team. After leading most of the way, Wilson made a terrible decision on a late third down, throwing an incompletion that stopped the clock. The Raiders drove down for a field goal to force overtime and then won via a long touchdown on a busted coverage.

After the loss, Wilson offered the verbal equivalent of shrugging his shoulders while speaking to reporters.

“We get a first down, and the game is over,” Wilson said. “They kind of covered it up pretty good. I got out of the pocket, and [Jalen] Virgil was scrambling down. Thought I had him, but the ball went away a little bit.”

Ten games into the season, Wilson has seven touchdown passes. He has fewer than Dak Prescott, who has played in four fewer games. Has has fewer touchdown throws than Davis and Jacoby Brissett.

At least Denver didn’t also sign Wilson to a five-year, $240 million extension.

Oh, wait. The Broncos did that too.

Yahoo Sports - 30th

The Broncos make the same sloppy mistakes every week. Nathaniel Hackett isn’t shaming the franchise off the field like other coaches who have been fired before the end of their first season, but it’s just not working. There’s not much reason to wait much longer on the inevitable coaching change.

Sports Illustrated - 27th

Playcalling duties were handed off in yet another effort to throw hands at the field and say: see? This isn’t working for anybody. The Broncos are at the tail end of our power rankings because there are many years of hurt ahead of them. The Russell Wilson contract has just begun.’s - 30th

Week 11 brought more of the same for the lost Broncos offense, which flashed signs of life early before another deep hibernation in a 22-16 overtime loss to the Raiders. Russell Wilson failed to throw a touchdown pass against one of the league’s worst passing defenses, while Melvin Gordon had yet another goal-line fumble to help doom a promising drive before halftime. On Monday, the Broncos cut ties with Gordon, who is the team’s leader in carries (90), yards (318) and — yes — fumbles (5) this season. The changes are sure to continue for the disappointing Broncos in the weeks and months to come.