Well, I warned everyone…..

No I didn’t watch the Panthers game because….well, we all know it’s pointless to expect the Broncos to win this season but I like to be entertained and there is nothing entertaining about this team, the coaching or the front office. I’m writing this because I saw the clip of Purcell yelling at Wilson and it occurred to me….hey, I wrote about this.

I had written in comments and posts that the "floor/ceiling" of continuing with Hackett was that if the awful play continued then Wilson might lose the locker room as Hackett had weeks ago. Purcell yelling at Wilson will be brushed under the table of course but we now have two public displays of frustration and theres likely a ton of discontent behind closed doors.

Beyond being both happy and disgusted that I was right ( again) and outperformed Paton ( again) when i said to fire Hackett to save Wilson, I’m befuddled that fans would continue to spend time, energy and money watching the games when the organization ( and NFL in general) very clearly couldn’t care less about the product on the field.

The Players ( Purcell et el) certainly care because they’re fighting for that contract among other things. Does Wilson care? Doesn’t seem like it. Does Ownership? Well, look at my predictions and record of correctness. If I, a fan, can see that tying Wilson to Hackett beyond week 5 of this season could have potentially detrimental effects for the product on the field for years to come, then why can’t the new ownership group see that?

Well….the do see it. They just don’t really give a shit. Giving a shit would mean actually caring about fan experience, which they don’t. They care about blind loyalty to continue to watch and hope regardless of what they do. Do yourself a a favor…stop spending money on this team until they have enough integrity to make good decisions in regards to YOUR entertainment NOT their wallets.

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