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Hackett claims accountability starts with him; it’s time front office and ownership hold him to that

The Denver Broncos are reportedly holding media availability for head coach Nathaniel Hackett as normal on Monday, but why?

NFL: Denver Broncos at Carolina Panthers Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

Denver Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson said after the team’s latest loss to the now 4-8 Carolina Panthers that the team has to get the losing out of their system.

He claimed winning becomes habitual, but so can losing, and right now, the team is going through the latter. The answer, getting out of that habit, is obvious. How to get to that answer is more complicated. The question of how to stay in the habit, however, is very easily answered, and it’s something the Broncos continue to do.

Keep pushing out Nathaniel Hackett every week.

The first-year head coach for the Broncos this week may have done the unthinkable: eclipse Josh McDaniels as the worst head coach in franchise history. After getting embarrassed at home by said McDaniels, he led his team to another loss on the road against bottom feeding Carolina Panthers, who have had three starting QBs this season and are run by an interim coach.

Hackett, week after week, has addressed the media with the same, tired and regurgitated rhetoric: it’s about starts with’s about starts with’s about accountab—

You get the picture. The guy wants accountability. And it’s about time someone holds him to it.

This team is possibly the most underperforming, embarrassing group of professional football players in a decade. They have a QB paid like an elite player who is playing like a bottom five player at his position who connects as well with his teammates as well as a doughboy, baby faced Ivy League paper pusher fits in as commanding officer of a Navy SEAL unit who has absolutely seen some sh**.

The team can’t score more than 18 points on their best day. They can’t run the ball without fumbling. They can’t block. They can’t watch the snap. They can’t catch easy passes. They can’t not commit dumb penalties.

The overall body of work shows that Nathaniel Hackett has not done a single positive thing for this franchise this season. Wilson looks like the biggest bust of an acquisition of all time, and he himself deserves blame for that, as he seems determined at all costs to go by the Hackett book and do nothing different. Still, it’s the architect, not the construction worker, who should ultimately be at fault.

Allowing this to continue at this point is an insult to the fans, to the Broncos, and to football in general. Yet, that apparently is exactly what the powers to be plans to do at the moment.

The team has quit. The locker room is a mess. The head coach doesn’t know how to speak outside of generic statements Crash Davis would find too boring and unhelpful. There is a culture of losing within the Denver Broncos franchise that has had an infection radius of far too wide.

Ownership and the front office have a responsibility to stop it, and allowing Nathaniel Hackett another single day to not be held accountable, clearly against his wishes (sarcasm), it shows the ultimate disrespect to the team, the fans, and the league in general.

He’s a bad coach doing a historically bad job with no sign of progress and a lost locker room. Cut him loose.